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Your world views will only get narrower if you only read social media internet websites.

The newspaper such as Straitstimes reports global issues which have the impact of affecting Singapore. That is why Straits times have correspondents worldwide. Singaporeans should be aware of such global issues as it indirectly affeects them. Think Macro view.

Only myopic hardcore opposition supporters say they don’t read our national papers, and they only read social media internet websites.

These social media internet websites are harping on smaller issues and they only think that the world evolves around them and their favourite pet causes.

They do not have the vision to see long term and how global situation can impact our businesses, which indirectly affects jobs and livelihood. 

 Comments :

  • have my preference with Business Times… Better coverage of financial news and larger economical issues  
  • Only the fools will try to micro-manage and look at the world through a microscope.  Any good manager knows not to micro-manage. We (meaning Singapore) does not exist alone on this planet. Events in other countries affect everyone to a certain extent. To think that we are immune to events happening 5000 miles away is just plain silly.


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