Your Voice -Think of your future, think of Singapore’s future.

Do you think the British left this to us? A modern metropolis? Do you think if the PAP weren’t in power for the last 50 years, or without LKY, we would have achieved a fraction of what you see in this picture? I don’t claim that the PAP is perfect, or come up with perfect policies all the time. They screwed up w infrastructure n transportation, in my opinion at least. But if you seriously consider the opposition as alternatives to the PAP, then you’re just throwing away Singapore’s future.The opposition parties are pathetic. Crying foul and not enough time for election, but aren’t they supposed to be working for the residents all the time and not just preparing themselves just before election? SDP members slamming SG in foreign media, WP terrible town council management and lack of accountability, SingFirst grand social welfare plan to hand out 1 million bucks as “small change”, or whatever other party.I’m all for checks and balances, which is why a strong judicial system and an empowered president is required. Not mushrooms that only pop up nearing election or western liberals asking for a social welfare state.Yes, we must maintain meritocracy and eliminate all forms of nepotism or favouritism. Yes, we must now consider social policies to be just as important as economic policies. But at the end of the day, we all want what is good for Singapore and not just for ourselves.

Our parents understood the meaning of sacrifice, they sacrificed for us so our generation can be educated and have good jobs today. If you have a smart phone and have time to bitch on social media, you aren’t “suffering under PAP rule”. Don’t be a greedy ass and elect who gives out the most goodies at the expense of undesirable consequences.

Think of your future, think of Singapore’s future.

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