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“Occupy Singapore” are not Anti-PAP, they are Anti-Singapore.

“Occupy Singapore” are also cowards. They organized the OccupyRafflesPlace event but dare not show up.

“Occupy Raffles Place – we’ll do it bigger and better next time” – Published by TheOnlineCitizen on October 15, 2011

The ‘Occupy Raffles Place’ a call for public protest, which seeked to replicate the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement in Singapore today, was a no-show.This call for public protest was organised by an anonynous group called ‘Occupy Singapore’, who claim that they are not linked to any political party and that their purpose is to make the national leaders hear the concerns of people, so that these leaders would remedy the “the economic injustice and unfair influence the wealthy have over the political system”.

Some Facebookers however claimed that they were there but the organisers were no where to be found.

Kirsten Han commented on their FB page, “Please, if you want to lead an action you have to be the first to stand up and be counted. I was there. The press was there. As far as we could tell YOU weren’t there. If you can’t even stand up first then please don’t snark.”

Lee Kin Mun aka mrbrown asked “stomach ache so didn’t go ah?”

Other Facebookers dismissed the group as a ‘joke’, as ‘failed’ and as ‘stupid organiser! Waste Singaporeans time!’.

by Fabrications About The PAP

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