You didn’t like Lee Kuan Yew ? Then do better. Outshine him.


Overheard from Willy

If it’s true.
You know what this means.
No more hiding.

We have to grow up.
We have to be men and women of character.

More “we” and less “me”.
More doing and less complaining.

You didn’t like the man?
Then do better.
Outshine him.
It wouldn’t be too hard in your estimation, would it?

But for the rest of us, the ones who looked up to this unreasonable, stubborn and awesome man, you know what this means.

You, all of us, we need to take on the difficult things.
Find our own version of transforming-a-rock-into-New York project.
Dream up new dreams and create our moon-shots that benefit even those you do not know.

Singapore needs more unreasonable, stubborn and awesome.

You know what to do.

Mr Lee Kuan Yew, never bow to fate !

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