Workers Party Walkabout – Netizen thought ST purposely smear WP with video clip


Dear SGHardtruth

When I first saw the report by ST showing Workers Party walkabout at Rivervale Plaza on Sunday morning, my immediate thought was, how can ST purposely show Workers Party going about collecting donation? Isn’t that a smear campaign?

Video source – ST

I was infuriated. I mean how can ST, being a national news agency have such an anti-opposition stance? Is ST, like what most people say, a PAP’s mouth piece?

So, I decided to check out WP’s Facebook to refute ST.

But when I saw the photo posted by WP, I am speechless. So WP’s walkabout is about…Selling their paper and asking for donations. It is not the usual walkabout to interact with residents. Because if they are busy selling their newspaper and raising fund, they won’t have time to have a sincere talk with residents isn’t it?

So disappointing.

Jim Seow



Workers Party Walkabout

Workers Party Walkabout


Workers Party Walkabout

Workers Party Walkabout

Workers Party Walkabout


Workers Party Walkabout

Photo source from Workers Party Facebook
Video Source – ST


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  1. Their Hammer is a channel to explain their works & philosophy. Selling & donation comes along with it. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.

  2. Dear SGHardtruth

    Clicked the linked thinking it was somebody supporting WP but end up going in a roundabout way to shoot them down.

    So disappointing, Jim Seow

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