Workers Party Supporter Now Questions The Meaning Of Checks and Balances


Dear SGHardtruth

I have been doing some thinking after reading your post “Auditor General Report: What Did Singaporeans Say?”. (URL link added by admin) I want to share with your readers my side of the story. But, first of all, please keep my id anonymous. But if you need to check my ID, you can call me at 97******.

I voted for the opposition 2011. I voted for them sorely on WP’s narrative that they would be doing “Checks and Balances”. Four years has gone. Looking back, I can only say I am disappointed.

Two weeks ago, I read that WP’s spent 30 minutes in parliament questioning the change of name of some institute that I have not even heard before. I mean, it is just a change of name and handling over the management from the President to some minister. Why must WP be so particular? Is this fighting over a trivial matter the “Checks and Balances” that WP talks about?

This incident makes me think back about AHPETC. In my office, I have always been very vocal about my support for WP’s “Checks and Balances” story. But during the last Parliament Debate, WP really let me down. Instead of taking the opportunity to come clean, Pritam Singh said he only answers to his residents.

I was quite shocked to hear such answer from a lawyer. It is totally evasive. I would rather WP be out front about any mistake, apologise and come out with a solution to solve it. After all, who don’t make any mistake?

This incident completely makes me a mockery among my colleague. Now, I dare not to even mentioned the “Checks and Balances.” To answer my colleague, I can only sheepishly said that everyone makes mistake.

Then came the AGO report last week. Among the many government organisations that have lapses, PA’s case is the most serious. However, instead of swiping under the carpet and hoping people will forget about it over time, They stepped out to be accountable. The CCC Chairman was reported to have stepped down. A plan was implemented to solve this issue. It was transparent.

As an opposition supporter, it is sad for me to say this, but I am indeed impressed with the whole incident. And I wish it was WP that have done that.

Another point that I am impressed about is that the “Checks and Balances” was done by Auditor-General and not through some “wiki-leak”. That makes me, once again, question the narrative of having “Checks and Balances” by the oppositions.

The election is coming. I am evaluating my options yet again. I guess oppositions (Especially WP) got to come out with something stronger because I am not buying the “Checks and Balances” narrative anymore.


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