Worker Party is quizzed on flyer distributed by activists in Aljunied GRC


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Grateful to our activists who worked though the night to help our residents understand the AHPETC audit issues by distributing flyers. The flyers contain facts of the matter. Residents have to decide the questions they should ask their MPs who refused to answer in Parliament. The MPs said they would answer the residents.

But so far, silence. Are they hoping residents will forget?


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  • Well done Victor, u had created more awareness on how a 1st World Party cum Opposition operates. No need to reply to any allegations just have to keep their mouths shut. When pushed to the shove, display gangster behaviour to fight off the accusation.


  • Oppies here deflecting the issue. So these people are saying that there is nothing wrong with WP not declaring the conflict of interest, paying millions to their own friends and having a breakdown in governance (allowing these friends to certify their own work and write cheques for themselves)?? Answer this question first and don’t bring in topics that are not relevant to this issue. Answer!

    PAP bullying?? This is about giving the right facts to the residents. People who are scared that the truth is known will only cry “bullying”. Looking at some comments here, it seems more like the oppies are the bullies – deflecting, harassing and telling lies.

    Piss off residents and PAP will loss votes?? What Victor’s team has done is just laying the facts to residents. Only the oppies are pissed and so be it; the comment about losing votes is only the oppies’ comment. You can only tell if the PAP will loss votes if you have a crystal ball.


  • Seems to me many WP supporters are worried about the distribution of flyers. I don’t know why they should be worried when they are confident that the flyers will cause more to turn to WP. If that is the case they should thank all the PAP activists for the help.

    Every weekend WP are out on the streets to sell their hammer and their propaganda against the government but no ine cries foul. Someone distributes a flyer and you are out in full force. Why? Because you know what is printed on the flyer is true. You are unable to address what is in the flyer. You are unable to defend WP.

    Why don’t you, as supporters of WP, go and ask WP for the answer and explanation?


  • I think many will still rather the money go to supporters than to some dunno what bonds lol” 


  • I wonder how many of the WP supporters who commented here benefitted?


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PAP activists in Aljunied GRC urge residents to quiz WP over lapses

By Ng Jing Yng, TODAY, 14 Mar 2015

SINGAPORE: People’s Action Party (PAP) activists in Aljunied GRC have gone on the offensive, distributing flyers on Friday (Mar 13) urging residents to quiz their Workers’ Party (WP) Members of Parliament over the accounting and corporate governance lapses committed by the Aljunied-Hougang-Punggol East Town Council (AHPETC).

The lapses, which were highlighted by the Auditor-General’s Office (AGO) in its audit report on AHPETC, prompted National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan to table a motion in Parliament last month. Among other things, the motion called on town councils to uphold higher standards of accounting and reporting to safeguard residents’ interests.

During the parliamentary debate, PAP Ministers and MPs had zeroed in on the potential conflict of interest – AHPETC secretary Danny Loh and his wife, AHPETC general manager How Weng Fan, are also the main directors and shareholders of AHPETC’s managing agent FM Solutions and Services (FMSS).

Titled ‘What You Should Ask WP’s Aljunied Hougang Punggol East Town Council‘, the flyer – in English and Chinese, and complete with a chart – compared AHPETC’s managing agent rates with those of some PAP town councils. Among other things, it charged that there was improper governance by AHPETC, and the town council “overpaid its friends at FMSS by at least S$6.4million”.

“This is our ‘lost money’. It means we have less money to clean and maintain our estate,” the flyer said, reiterating that “serious problems” were flagged by the AGO that could affect residents.

Adding that the WP has “deliberately remained silent” to queries posed by auditors and in Parliament, the flyer also listed questions that residents should confront the WP MPs with, including how much did FMSS and other businesses owned by the AHPETC employees earn from the town council, and what is the town council’s latest financial situation. The flyer added: “Why did AHPETC allow the husband and wife team to verify and approve payment on work done by FMSS which is owned by them?”

It was not stated on the flyers who came up with the contents. When contacted, PAP Paya Lebar branch chairman K Muralidharan confirmed that the flyers – which were distributed to units in Kovan – were handed out by PAP activists today. Adding that it was a “ground-up initiative” by the activists, he said they have nothing to hide and “there was no difficulty in understanding that (the flyer) was from the PAP”.

The plan is to distribute the flyers throughout Aljunied GRC, he said.

He pointed out that the WP MPs have said in Parliament that they will answer residents directly on AHPETC’s lapses. Adding that the flyers contained publicly available information, Mr Muralidharan said: “Our activists decided to help residents understand the core issues and suggest questions that they may wish to ask of their MPs. Residents are free to make up their own mind as to what they wish to do after reading the flyers,”

The WP did not respond to queries by press time.

Some Kovan residents who received the flyer told TODAY that they were wondering who had distributed the flyers. Nevertheless, a resident who only gave his name as Mr Seah, said: “Everything in the flyer is directed at WP, it is quite obvious that it is from the PAP.” 

Source link : PAP activists in Aljunied GRC urge residents to quiz WP over lapses





Overheard :

  • FMSS and FMSI couple is now 6.4 million richier from our money.
  • WP tried to push the blame to the previous MA by claiming that some documents were not handed over to them. Fortunately the previous managing agent had made photocopies of all documents handed over to WP. These all contained the signature of the staff from FMSS who received the documents.
  • WP said they could not do their accounts because some documents from the previous town council were missing. But the AG sighted those very documents in an office in AHPETC with the signatures of staff from FMSS acknowledging receipt of those documents.
  • WP has to submit a proper set of financial statements for FY 12/13. They have yet to submit the statements for FY13/14. And they are highly unlikely to submit tneir fjnancial statements for FY14/15 on time.
    Is it not ridiculous that they are unable to give proper account of how they handle public monies for almost the whole time since 2011?




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