Who should be SMRT CEO?


Many people are complaining that the CEO of SMRT is military guy and parachuted into the CEO position, and therefore he knows nuts about trains, and therefore he is screwing it up.

There are also complaints that SMRT is privatized and see lah, never take care of public good, only want to make profits and therefore screwing the train maintenance and therefore breakdown.

But hor, if SMRT is public sector statutory board, who is likely the CEO going to be?

You got it – MILITARY GUY WHO KNOWS NUTS ABOUT TRAINS also!  Cos, after all who can move and mobilise the masses as efficiently and as effectively (may I add lethally) as the MILITARY right?

If not the military guy, it will be some civil service scholar who probably knows nuts about trains also.  Cos the civil service is also very good at making sure public interest is safe-guarded very well.  Like, making sure we only “pond” and we don’t “flood

So it seems private or public sector is not the key thing.  Maybe the key thing is just get a guy who DO KNOW NUTS ABOUT TRAINS LOR.

Like, you know, Japan and Hong Kong and dunno which other country all got very good train systems leh, why don’t we learn from them??

But wait …  If we get in a CEO from Japan or Hong Kong or dunno which country – why is Singapore Government getting a FOREIGNER to run our own train system????

Wah lao, must be sucky to be SMRT CEO man…


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