What Singaporeans Say About This Viral Security Guard Video


 Other than condemning the rude behaviour, What else did Singaporeans say about the security guard:

 He is doing his job only, but we are still doing a service to the public he should have patience n learn how to speak calmly.

-Could it be the girl.purposely keep in pissing him off and her friend records this video just to make uncle lose his job? The youngster this day quiet cunning.

-Talk nicely the girl refuse to listen, shout and yet the girl kept going… What else can the guard do?

-She want to go in but it’s closed why want to force in? He told her nicely at first she still want to enter that’s why lead to the shouting. Please la. They need to rest, they need to go home too. The girl has re whole day why wait till closing time?

-people will give all sorts of excuses ; if she is allowed to flout the rule, then what if others follow ? Security guard is right to enforce the rule.Why is somebody recording the whole incident and why is she so insistent ..???

Despite I agree that this guard was rude seeing in video.. But I have to say some people are really SELFISH. Im in the service line for close to 10yrs.. As much as I like being in service line sometimes I feel sick towards human nature.. Its common ppl come during closing time.. When we dont allow them to come in, they would write complaint letter.. Recently I got one complaint out of nth claiming that the door was closed 15mins before closing but surprisingly he is ABLE to come in to the shop to make suggestion to us.. When one selfish wana buy something, they will give all sorts of excuses.. And pretend not to see the shuttle is half close.. Still can Come in and ask is it close??? Obviously half shuttle is CLOSE!! People whom nv work in service line will nv understand by the time we reach home is alrdy 11+ – 12+am.. Some ppl are so selfish thinking we ought to let them in becuz they are paying becuz the sales pay us salary..

-One day has 24 hrs, must buy when the shop closes?!!if ppl understand English, the guard Don need to raise his voice to be stomp – ed . DUH

I’m surprised by the wrath shown towards the girl. All we can see from the video is a very fierce man shouting his head off against a girl pleading him to let her go in. The girl may be wrong, but we dun even know, so why all the unpleasant words against her?
And about her having the whole day to buy her stuff…Hmmm… that’s why we call certain situations Emergencies.

I agree the security may not use the correct words when he ask the shopper to leave… but he did mention that he already told her nicely but she just don’t listen… been working in the Retail sector for almost 20 years now I have seen a lot of shopper don’t really care even the store is closing… hope everyone learn from the above … want to shop, go early don’t go during the store is close… the person who film the above may get the uncle to lost his job..

-If I am told is closing I will not go in & shop anymore. If all cashier counter close she is still not able to pay for her items.Se curity uncle tone is not right & this lady is really irritating him & make him loose patient. They got their duties to perform, as customers we have to b understanding.






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