What did netizens say about City Harvest Church letter appeal for leniency?


Really! I was touched by this letter signed by City Harvest Church Executive Members

City Harvest Church letter appeal for leniency

Photo source – Straits Times

But I think I am alone. Look at those FB comments in ST. And apparently the judge wasn’t too impress with it. Sigh!

Here is what netizens say about City Harvest Church Letter

I think we can have more then 173 signatures that wish to see them in jail. 655 Likes

If that can be used for mitigation against jail term, then there will be no prisoners in Changi already as all of them too have young kids. 229 Likes

I pity these people. They have lost the ability to think what is right or wrong. May God enlighten them soon. 189 Likes

Lol, if like this also can, all criminals with children in the jail now can appeal their sentences based on this. 46 Likes

Is there a petition to plead for harsher sentence? !! Will def get more than 173 supporters!! 104 ·Likes

If this 6 Conman & woman escape jail sentences, Singapore Judiciary system can thrown into Singapore River and don’t ever talk about Law and Order. 87 Likes

For the sake of their young children? Do you know how much money they have taken from households that need the money to bring up their OWN children? This is about the most selfish thing I’ve heard… 140 Likes

It’s for the sake of the children if they go jail. How to teach children wrong and right if they are spared from jail terms? 40 Likes

Or ask the 173 members to share the jail terms among them. 35 Likes

Using children to plead..my gosh.Be a man face the music. God will forgive u. 23 Likes

Source – https://www.facebook.com/TheStraitsTimes/photos/a.10150602946322115.373647.129011692114/10153125992077115/?type=3


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