What Are Singaporeans’ Response To UN Call To Release Amos Yee


On 23rd of Jun, the United Nations Human Rights Office for South-east Asia yesterday called for the immediate release of Amos Yee, who has been remanded at Changi Prison since June 2.

What Singaproeans Say?

Ric Ow stupidest UN why not stop wars in the world· 938 · Likes
Mikha Maric When Palestinians innocent kids were killed, where is the so called HUMAN RIGHTS! !!!PUIK. · 585 · Likes
Haseena Zain UN, we urge you to jolly well do something about the dying, innocent children of the world first before you interfere in Singapore’s legal system. · 278 · Likes
Ted Teik Wai Teoh UN HUMAN rights office should take a look at the US racist killing, school shooting and the homeless in US first. Try to get rid of the 2nd amendment and start gun controls. Let them set a good example of human rights in fhat country first before looking at our country.· 637 · Likes
Ivy Aw Human rights or not it’s Singapore law enforcement and nobody can break lor, if not regretless u r who all must face e music. · 193 · Likes
Eric Pang go away lah. u hv no jurisdiction in our legal system!!· 178 · Likes
Azman Shabudin Famous Amos the hero? UN did nothing to stop genocide of Rohingyas in Myanmar· 172 · Likes
Mohamad Syahid Bin Arif Such organisations in the name of human rights will ask to release pple etc, bt if the person upon release do harm or chaos, will these human rights organisastion be coming forward to help the rest of the humans who might be hurt/injured by the released humans? · 168 · Likes
Jeffrey Ho Who are you? Immediate release? · 123 · Likes
Seanz Lai Just exile him from Singapore. We do not need this kind of “Talents”.· 110 · Likes
Norfa Tajuddin UN pls go and drive out zionist Isreali from Palestine. They occupy land by force. That’s more important than Amos Yee!· 75 ·Likes
Edmund Sim I didn’t know that human rights includes insulting another religion and to be immediate release after being guilty of it.
Well done UN
 · 63 · Likes
AC Augus (Its just my guese) I think Amos’ motive is to get himself heard internationally….& now he had succeeded by getting UN human rights office into the picture..this young boy though..but he is thinking big ya. I do not say he is dangerous but neither do i think he is as simple & innocent as we thought. · 60 · Likes
Priscilla Fu Haha, if we do release Amos again, it’s just a matter of (short) time that he do smth stupid to get in again. Perhaps he would insult the UN agency this time?· 63 · Likes
Long Ago Human rights are given to people who did rights…
The car thief was given his rights to seek treatment, see what he did?
 · 43 · Likes
Ben Tan UN, please sort out yr own issue 1st… Look at the security council, talk alot but no action. Every time when things happen, they only know how to issue a statement and no action after that. Irony is this agency is based in Thailand. · 53 · Likes

What Political Observer Say?

Firstly, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights should not be asking us to release Amos Yee. We are not a signatory of the UN declaration of human rights, nor the two binding UN human rights covenants: the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. These are treaties that LKY wisely refused to sign and our Government still refuses to do so. This is because amongst other things, the UNDHR, its covenants and the UN bodies for human rights embody western ideals of human rights that overvalue the individual over the common good. There is no such thing as a universal standard for human rights – each society has to find its own equilibrium. Singapore is however a signatory of the ASEAN Declaration of Human Rights which allows for these differences.

Secondly, reformative training was not the preferred sentence for Amos Yee. He was offered probation but he rejected it !! His lawyers have instead asked for a jail term because they think that he would be released immediately with time served. However, why should we burden a 17 yr old with a conviction that would mark him for life? Probation does not count as a conviction and will not be in his records; the lawyers and parents should be persuading Amos to accept probation instead of arguing for jail time.

International human rights organisations and their local affiliates have always been staffed by western imperialists and their local stooges. When Lee Kuan Yew was alive, he regularly stood up to them, and that allowed Singapore the space to develop and prosper.

We must continue to do so.

Calvin Cheng

UN agency calls for Amos Yee’s immediate release

PUBLISHED JUN 23, 2015, 5:50 AM SGT

THE United Nations Human Rights Office for South-east Asia yesterday called for the immediate release of teenage blogger Amos Yee, who has been remanded at Changi Prison since June 2.

In a statement, the Bangkok-based Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) urged the Government to review the 16-year-old’s conviction and asked that prosecutors also drop their demand that Yee be sentenced to a stint at the Reformative Training Centre (RTC).

Yee was found guilty on May 12 of uploading an obscene image and making remarks intending to hurt the feelings of Christians in a video.

The prosecution asked the court at that time to consider probation for Yee.

But at an urgent closed-door hearing on May 27, the court heard that Yee refused to go for any interviews with his assigned probation officer, and that he again made public the video and obscene image that landed him in trouble in the first place.

On June 2, he was remanded for three weeks after District Judge Jasvender Kaur called for a report to assess if he is suitable for reformative training.

This is a rehabilitative sentencing option for young offenders aged under 21 who are found unsuitable for probation.

A stint lasts between 18 and 30 months.

Offenders will not have contact with adult inmates. But, unlike probation, a stint at RTC will leave them with a criminal record.

Yee is due in court today, where he may learn of his sentence.

The OHCHR said yesterday it was aware that Yee was being assessed for reformative training. But it expressed concern that the RTC is “akin to detention and usually applied to juvenile offenders involved in serious crimes”.

The UN agency said it recognised Singapore’s concerns about issues of public morality and social harmony. However, it did not think that reformative training was an appropriate sentence for Yee.

The OHCHR also appealed to the authorities to “give special consideration to his juvenile status”.


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