Top Five SkillsFuture Courses for Freelancers


If you are a freelancer currently facing a “downtime” situation during Covid-19, do note that the Government is giving all Self-Employed Persons a training allowance of $10/hr to attend SkillsFuture courses. On top of that, you can utilise your SkillsFuture credits for these courses, which means that you will be “earning money” while attending courses! The Government is of course doing this to encourage more people to utilise this time wisely and attend courses when we would otherwise be too busy to.

We have shortlisted 5 courses available on Skillsfuture that will help freelancers become more versatile and competitive in the job market. Even though it is always fun to do something “hobby-like”, it is also important to consider how practical and useful a skill will be in enhancing your overall competitiveness and skillsets!

1. Advanced/Professional Photoshop Courses

Doesn’t matter if you are a writer or content creator. Photoshop is a very useful and important skill to learn during this day and age. It also complements other skillsets, such as writing, as you get to create your own graphics and visuals with it. Photoshop courses will no doubt give many freelancers an added edge and enhances the work that you will be able to produce for your clients.

Being adept at Photoshop also means that you will be able to edit and make changes to your work more freely and quickly, in keeping with your clients’ demands.

2. Photography Classes

Similar to photoshop courses, learning photography could prove very useful to many content creators and writers. Perhaps you are really great with your words, but struggle to find good (stock-free) images to accompany your posts. Hence, learning some simple tips and tricks on photography can go a long way when you need better quality photos to enhance and boost your posts.

What’s more, it never hurts to be a good photographer as your skills are easily transferrable and relevant in real life too!

3. Data Analysis

Big data is in and a complete buzzword these days! Did I also mention that it’s a highly profitable skill? The tech companies are the rage right now and are hiring data analysts left, right and centre, with great salaries to boot! A fresh graduate’s pay for a data analyst is easily at the lower 4k range (which is high when compared to the median 3.3k). Granted, it is a “drier” task that not everyone can tolerate… but hey, you may want to take up some adhoc projects for that extra dough.

4. The art of brewing coffee

The onset of Covid-19 has shown us perfectly that jobs which are deemed “essential”, actually stay safe and necessary even in times of a pandemic. You may have mad skills in other areas, but your business may be shut down during times of trouble. But not the F&B… there’s an iron rice bowl in this tried and true trade. And as my father likes to say, even if the world collapses, humans have to eat. Same with the cup of daily joe, learn to make a good cup, and this practical and evergreen skill could help tide you through cloudy days.

5. Yoga/fitness instructors’ classes

As the population is turning increasingly health and body conscious, many gyms and studios have popped up all over our tiny island. There are seriously so many! And most places usually have vacancies for more instructors. This trade has proven to be more resilient than what we may have initially thought, as many studios and instructors have turned to zoom classes online to conduct their (paid) classes. If anything, Zoom can admit up to hundreds of people in one meeting, which means that instructors actually have the potential to earn more, despite not having to provide students with the physical space for classes! A win-win situation, I’d say.

So go on, pick at least one of these five courses available via on SkillsFuture for your lifelong and continued learning!


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