Together, let’s bring out the best in our children by Mr Heng Swee Keat


To bring out the best in every student, we set out our four mottos to guide our efforts:

–        Every  Student an Engaged Learner;

–        Every School a Good School;

–        Every Teacher a Caring Educator;

–        Every Parent, a Supportive Partner.

We launched this at our annual gathering where school leaders and HQ officers came together to talk about what we had done for the last one year, and what we would be doing in the coming years.

My thanks to parents and the public who support us and appreciate the dedication and hard work of our staff in schools – teachers, allied educators and admin staff; as well as staff in our schools and HQ. 

Every  Student an Engaged Learner

We want to develop the character and ability of each student holistically , and not just focus on academic grades.  We aim to ignite the love of learning, provide learning support and multiple pathways for our students. 

Every School a Good School

We will abolish the banding of school by academic results. We will set aside $55million so that every school has a niche programme.  We will give more resources to schools where enrolment is small or where students need more help.   We will have a new way to recognise school excellence. 

Every Teacher a Caring Educator

For our teachers to be caring educators, we need to care for our teachers.  I will fully support teachers who act professionally; provide recognition and signal the value we place on the teaching profession. We will improve the quality and have more mentors to guide our younger teachers. 

Every Parent a Supportive Partner

Parents are a child’s first teachers, and our most important partners.  Parenting is challenging – and I have a lot of empathy for our many parents who are juggling multiple demands.  We launched a Parent in Education website today.   We will work with “Parents Support Groups”. 

Together, let’s bring out the best in our children! 

Pl visit our website to read more, and watch the videos!

    Heng Swee Keat


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