TOC jealous of someone else doing a better job than it?


So Terry Xu and company is now picking a fight with a company called Rysense simply because it is owned by the Government to do surveys and studies. He seems to think that this means the Government has some secret objectives to do Singapore in and whatever other conspiracy theory they have.

This is plain silly. When Singapore was newly independent, the Government formed Shengli Holdings to manufacture weapons and ammunition. Was that so that it can use these against its own citizens?

It is not uncommon for Governments to own companies for it helps to serve their purposes. From state-owned investment vehicles to enterprises making things from garments to heavy machinery, different Governments around the world form companies to fit their purposes.

So here we have our Government forming a neutral body to conduct surveys so that it can hear the ground unadulterated. Why is that a bad thing? When someone identified as MSF speaks to a respondent, vs someone who is from a private company does so, the respondent will give different responses. This in research is called respondent bias.

So our Government is innovating to hear the ground better. It has formed a CLG to do so, meaning that it does not intend to make money from doing so. Why is Terry Xu and company making such a big deal out of it? When the Government never listen, they complain. When Government make effort to listen, they claim conspiracy. Nothing can please these troublemakers.

Terry Xu has been known for plagiarizing, hire foreign ghostwriters to attack foreign workers and immigration policies, and manipulate Singaporeans’ emotions to write articles for eyeballs.

We urge Singaporeans to be careful with sites like The Online Citizen


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