To be people and nation focused – Mr Tan Chuan Jin


A number of journalists have asked, as has some of you about my priorities etc, given this new appointment. This was something I typed out earlier in response. It is not meant to spell out the details of our workplan, but some thoughts as I reflect on where I am today.

I am continuing the work that I had started just over a year ago. While my designation and title has changed, the focus has not.

 It remains fixed on making sure that our people and our society remain at the center of all that we do, and to keep things sustainable for our children’s generation and beyond. That, I believe, remains important. To be people and nation focused.
As circumstances change, as challenges arise, we will adapt, change, strengthen, preserve accordingly to make sure that our people are looked after. 
I am quite sure I wouldn’t suddenly become wiser on 1 Aug! But certainly the responsibility is heavier and I will do my utmost.

I am grateful for all the learning that I have received just by working with DPM Tharman and Min Khaw. And indeed, I have also learnt much from Yi Shyan, Maliki, Hawazi and my colleagues in the civil service.

One is never ever fully ready for anything but we equip ourselves as best we can. Always observing, listening and learning…and reflecting. And to remain anchored on our values. A few come to mind. Humility. Honesty. Wisdom. Courage. And yes, Love because we must do what we do because we love our people and this home called Singapore. 
When the time comes, and the call is sounded, you step forward and serve to the best of your ability, soldiering on alongside all those beside you. 

It is never about you alone but your team. And it is always always about our people and our home.

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