This Filipino Boy Got Singaporeans talking


Straits Times published a post on a Filipino boy using light from McDonald’s to do homework. Within an hour, it attracted more than 2000 likes and more than 500 shares.

 This Filipino Boy Made Singaporeans Do Some Soul-Searching

Daniel Cabrera, 9 (Photo: Straits Times)

Here what Singaporeans say:

The boy is an inspiration to everyone. And here we have kids fighting over the use of tech devices and not appreciating the opportunities given to them to study! 275 Likes

Where there is a will, there is a way. And some Singaporeans still complain that their lives are tough and stressful. Could it be compared to this child??? 78 Likes

A perfect opportunity for McDonalds to sponsor the education for this boy! With such resolve and resourcefulness, he is destined for greatness! 59 Likes

More power to him. In an ideal world, no one should be denied his opportunity to an education. 60 Likes

Manny Pacquiao should help him, it wouldn’t dent his bank account of billion pesos. 26 Likes

They should allow him to go inside for proper light. 26 Likes

In our country a lot of kids are deprived from having descent education. It is when i had a daughter that i understood that by nature children want to study and be with other kids. My father used to wake up early in the morning, ride his pedicab to earn some money so that he will have food to eat and to pay for some expenses in schools. Sadly, education is not prioritized in our own nation. My hope is just to pray these kids will grow up to be successful in their own ways, just like my father. 18 Likes



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