The Real Singapore and other hate sites’ readers are feeble minded


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I highly suspect that the youth looking for foreign workers to beat up was influenced by hate sites like The Real Singapore , Redwire Times and Wake Up Singapore.

The hate they spread against foreigners will inevitably affect the feeble minded who then act it out in real life.

Which is why I think the administrators and writers of these sites should be detained under the ISA as they represent a threat to domestic security and stability.

 hate sites like The Real Singapore
News Link  ->  Teen may face probation for beating up foreign worker




Aside from the recent revelation that it is a few foreigners behind The Real Singapore stirring up hate to make money, here is a current example :

These sites are again spreading the dangerous myth that the Government discriminates against the Indian community, by bringing up the example of St Patrick’s Day processions being allowed to play musical instruments, when they are banned at Thaipusam.

The problem is that the feeble minded who read these things will believe them, when the truth is that the reason behind this ban is not discrimination , but historical – rival Thaipusam groups used to fight each other after facing off, competing with each other on who could play the loudest music best.

I too agree that it is time to review this ban, but the reason is not because the Indians in Singapore are being discriminated against.

This is a very dangerous claim in a multi-ethnic society. It can stir up communal hate.

I thus continue to call for these sites to be banned, and its writers and supporters detained under the ISA.


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