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The Peak RC Centre

The TODAY newspaper published an article on the building of a RC Centre at The Peak . The on-line version drew many comments, largely mocking and criticizing residents who opposed the RC Centre. 

This is unfair to the residents of The Peak . The vast majority of them behaved responsibly.   

Let me explain. 

All HDB precincts have RC Centres at the void deck. This is not just for social activities – which are important – but to facilitate quick response in times of crises, such as the distribution of masks and food during the haze.  

After The Peak RC was formed, the relevant agencies identified Block 139B as the location for the RC Centre. The RC members did not choose that location. 

The RC decided to inform the residents of the proposed Centre. Some residents of Block 139B told me they were concerned that the Centre would pose safety and security issues, as well as reduce lighting and ventilation. I encouraged them to get the views of their neighbours as I believed that we should all get involved in matters that concern us.

So, they organized a petition. It reasonably stated that those who signed were not against having a Centre – they accepted it could benefit the community. They just did not want it at the void deck, citing safety and other issues. 

The RC did not ignore the petition. On the contrary, they asked for construction to be suspended and spent the next few months looking for and assessing alternative locations. They finally secured permission from the agencies to use a utility room at the car park. It was not big enough to be a proper Centre, but it enabled them to substantially reduce the size of the original Centre at Block 139B from 121sqm to 77sqm – about 30%. More importantly, the size reduction and redesign resolved the security, safety, and ventilation and lighting issues.

So most residents, including the RC members, acted reasonably and responsibly, and a compromise was reached. 

I say “most” because a very small minority took a different approach. They agitated the ground and turned the residents against the RC by making false claims.  For example, they claimed that:

(a) the petition showed that 87% of all Peak residents were against the Centre. That is false. The petition carried signatures from less than half the units in the estate. Whether each signature represents the views of the entire household of that unit is unknown. Further, as stated above, the petitioners were not against having a Centre, but only a Centre at a void deck. 

(b) the RC simply ignored the petition. This is false for the reasons I have given above; and

(c) the Centre would endanger the safety and security of residents. But the Centre has been reduced and redesigned, and all agencies, including the Fire Safety Department and the HDB, have given the all-clear.

The minority then went on-line with these claims, attracting the attention of others and the press. What they did unfairly hurt the reputation of The Peak and its residents, and undermined all the work done.

I have met and dealt with many of The Peak residents. They are decent, hard working folk, who are making a new home for themselves and their families.  The Peak has the potential to be a great community, and a shining example of the plans to rejuvenate Toa Payoh.  I will continue to work with them and the RC to create a close and forward-looking community for everyone.


 Image source -> The Peak@Toa Payoh residents unhappy with RC at void deck


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