the opposition is now a major force in singapore ?


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We must always remember that the opposition is now a major force in singapore. Especially the Worker’s Party as there have 6 elected seats and 1 NMP in parliament. WP is no longer the underdog. we must not forget this and we must no longer treat them as one. its time now to raise the bar and hold political parties like WP to their words.

 WP is now a major political force in singapore. we as citizens of this country must help WP reach its aim of a 1st WORLD PARLIAMENT and we must make WP a 1st WORLD OPPOSITION/ALTERNATIVE government by holding them against their words, questioning them and asking them their intentions, their hearts, their standards, their compassion, their loyalty.

WP is no longer a small party, they must be treated like an equal. we must hold them accountable for their actions as what they do will affect our lives, your parents lives, your children’s children. lets go forward and make their wishes come true a FIRST WORLD PARLIAMENT! i just hope they are ready to be in a FIRST WORLD PARLIAMENT!

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1.  Oppositions will inevitably be part of parliament as the country develop and progress further. Oppositions are also expected to do their part for Singapore.

2.  I think we are not saying having “alternate voice” in the parliament is a bad thing. However, those who don’t fully agree with PAP governing style must have the capability and quality to be in parliament to challenge the government on policies.

3.  First and foremost, as the ruling party, it obviously wants to retain it’s position. But that’s not the point, they also want to help the people. So if there’re people going about trying to ruin Singapore, why should pap step down and see their hard work destroyed? Obviously they’ll fight back…пример статьи копирайтерафитнес центр люблинов танзании в июне


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