Teacher Salary – What Did Singaporeans’ Say When Teachers Get 9% Increment


What Singaporeans’ Say?

Ben Tan It’s an affirmation of the hard work of the teachers who need to slog so hard during work and after work to make a difference in their students’ lives. They have so many roles to fulfil, such as counsellors, motivators, event coordinators, researchers, entertainers, negotiators, administrators, IT programmers, and of course, to plan interesting and engaging lessons to help develop their students’ learning. I hope that this will encourage my teacher friends who are thinking of switching to private sectors for better pay and workload.
Richard Poh At their current pay, people complain it is too low and when they finally increase it, “Oh! GE is coming!”
Philip Lim I support the increase, although I’m not a teacher. But the TIMING of the salary increase is simply….err…. I dunno what to say.
Mohamad Syahid Bin Arif Congrats to the educationers. Hope this will spur u on to keep improving and adapting in your work for the future of our junior Singaporeans and Singapore…
Jenny Chai Dear teachers, every teacher deserve this pay increase. Your hard work is recognized. Thanks to Mr Heng Sweet Kiat, a wonderful and competent Minister of Education.
Samuel Guo Well done! Its not an easy profession to be in nurturing the next generation of Singapore.
Catherine Soh Probably by getting a higher teacher salary, a teacher will stay on and grow the passion for teaching
Angie Yang Good move to remove the pay discrimation of graduate from non graduate. We need experience teachers & not those that with paper qualification but has no passion to teach.
Ignatius Malone It is not easy to teach nowadays. Teachers face do a lot of pressure, probably not just from the workload or students but also from demanding parents. Hope everyone can be gracious and give due respect to our teachers who plays a very important role to educate our young. Let’s reward our teachers and give them encouragement and support and the space to educate and teach our young
Chionh Eng Chai Looks like its time to teach with moe
Actually the favorite policy … compulsory primary school education … is really wonderful
Local children are lucky

Their sharpness in p6 is what I like best.

News Report From CNA

Teacher Salary – Teachers to get up to 9% increment from Oct 1

Teachers in Singapore are set to get an increment of 4 to 9 per cent in their monthly salary under a new Education Scheme of Service, as well as a Special Payment each September, says MOE. Graduates and non-graduates will also be hired under the same salary structure from Oct 1.

SINGAPORE: Serving teachers in various General Education Officer (GEO) and Senior Education Officer (SEO) grades are set to get an increment of 4 to 9 per cent in their monthly salaries, announced the Ministry of Education (MOE) on Tuesday (Aug 18).

Up to 30,000 serving Education Officers (EO) are eligible in this round of salary adjustments, it added.

An annual Special EO Payment for all trained EOs will also be introduced as a form of recognition for EOs, said MOE. The sum of S$500 to S$700 in cash will be paid out each September from 2016, and will replace the current Learning and Development Scheme.

The announcements are part of a new Education Scheme of Service (EDUN) set to be implemented from Oct 1, and replaces the EDUN (2008). Under the new EDUN (2015) scheme, salary components for both graduate and non-graduate classroom teachers will now be similar, said MOE.

For example, the CONNECT plan – MOE’s long-term incentive plan for EOs – will no longer be differentiated between graduates and non-graduates, while non-graduate classroom teachers will also progress and be remunerated along the same salary structure as their graduate peers.

However, graduate and non-graduate officers will continue to be recruited at different starting point and salaries, reflecting the market practice, said MOE. Previously, newly recruited teachers had separate salary structures according to their qualifications until they took on leadership or senior teaching positions.

The Allied Educators Scheme for Allied Educators (AEDs) will also be similarly enhanced. The graduate and non-graduate salary structures for AEDs will be merged by April 2016, while AEDs will get a 5 per cent increase in their monthly salaries from Oct 1, 2015.

Up to 800 AEDs will be eligible for this round of salary adjustments, said MOE.

The ministry added that these changes are in line with SkillsFuture’s direction to place more emphasis on recognising employee’s skills and competencies beyond academic qualifications.

Source:  https://www.facebook.com/ChannelNewsAsiaSingapore/posts/10153082652817934  http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/teachers-to-get-up-to-9/2057688.html?cid=fbsg



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