Sterling Performance – by MP Tan Chuan Jin


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1.    Opposition MPs may sound cool and relevant to the voices of the people and PAP may claim that their policies are for the good of the people… My take is to read between these lines… always be CRITICAL when reading and listening to political views and remarks… E.g.: I agree with Opposition MP, Pritam Singh’s quote from the Roman Catholic Pope that: “Beacuse we are different, we are ONE.” but i do not agree with his agenda behind it. Yes. That is how far we can go in politics as Politics is more of an art than a science… it is a game of emotions…

2.    Politics is a game of emotions ! Which is why LKY questioned if Singaporean really politically matured … We get carried by emotions and opposition are master in using this to their advantage !

3.   That is exactly how this game of politics is played everywhere in the world… U hv to learn to control your anger and ways to attack your opponents to such extents that they have to answer to blunders they have made or better …still, your own mistakes… , … our nation is not politically matured enough to play this game that the opposition politicians are playing…  I would suggest to take a look at Gordon Brown v David Cameron in the British Parliament to understand alot more…

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