Singlish Guide on Protection of the Administration of Justice bill


TL;DR: What is Protection of the Administration of Justice bill? – Well. you still have all the freedom of speech to talk (fairly) about court cases, but don’t stupid go and gay kiang sabo the wrong person if you don’t know everything ok?

There’s a (mini) hullabaloo going on online sparked by Lee Wei Ling’s criticisms of a new bill on the Protection of  Administration of Justice which will be passed today (15th August 2016) in Parliament.

Video on Protection of the Administration of Justice bill

Before you read further, watch the video below:

Using our Singlish translator, this bill says a few things:

  1. Don’t think you can be Mas Selamat and escape your court punishment.
  2. Don’t anyhow talk cock when you don’t know the evidence of the case.
  3. Don’t backstab the courts or judges to make yourself look smart but then sabo the case.

Administration of Justice (Protection) Bill

The bill also says:

  1. If you just report court proceedings, can..…. But cannot introduce fiction or your own hallucinations ok?
  2. If you got proof the judge really kelong and you report to the Chief Justice, the matamata or other public authority, please go ahead.
  3. There will be a framework of punishments announced, like those in the 10 Courts of Hell.

seventh court of hell
Rumour-mongers get their tongue pulled out

Do I need to care about Protection of the Administration of Justice bill?

Of course!

Sekali one day you bopian have to go to court, you also hate your kaypoh neighbours gossiping when they only know one side of the story right?

It’s not nice when their gossip turns the entire neighbourhood against you, especially when you are not the one in the wrong.

Everyone deserves a fair hearing

Remember, karma’s a bitch.


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