Singapore’s loss is the Vatican’s gain. Former Foreign Affairs Minister George Yeo has been appointed to a special Vatican commission set up by Pope Francis.


SINGAPORE: Former Foreign Affairs Minister George Yeo has been appointed to a special Vatican commission set up by Pope Francis.

The move is part of efforts by Pope Francis to reform the Holy See and help it move on from a series of scandals and allegations of corruption that made the news under his predecessor Benedict XVI’s reign.

When contacted by 938LIVE, Mr Yeo said it “is too early to comment” on the appointment but he acknowledged it is “a heavy responsibility”.

Mr Yeo was in politics for 23 years and has held numerous portfolios in Cabinet.

“Being a person who has so much experience in the government – especially since he was holding quite a number of portfolios, like finance, trade and industry, communications, as a foreign affairs minister – he’d be qualified to help the Church to update its areas of governance,” said Singapore’s Archbishop William Goh.

Not only is he professionally qualified to help the Church, but he’s also, as a person, well-respected by world leaders, including Church members as well, and even people in Singapore.”

On a Facebook post, Environment and Water Resources Minister Dr Vivian Balakrishnan also said the Vatican couldn’t have found a better man for this “sensitive and difficult task”.

The commission comprises seven international lay experts and one cleric.

Other than Mr Yeo, the other lay experts in the commission are from Spain, Germany, Italy, Malta and France.

In a move which reflects on the extensiveness and depth of the commission’s task, Pope Francis has ordered all Vatican departments to collaborate with the commission and bypass usual rules that oblige officials to respect the secrecy of their office.

The commission will report directly to the Pope.

The setting up of the commission was announced in a Vatican news release on Friday.

Archbishop William Goh said the entire reform process could take years to complete, adding that the Catholic Church in Singapore is ready to offer its service and help to Mr Yeo during his appointment, if required.

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Source : Former Foreign Affairs Minister George Yeo has been appointed to a special Vatican commission set up by Pope Francis.


  Vivian Balakrishnan

  • They couldn’t have found a better man for this sensitive and difficult task. We are all proud of George Yeo

George YeoGeorge Yeo

  •  Vivian, thanks, it is a heavy responsibility.



The Holy Father, by a chirograph dated 18 July, has established a Pontifical Commission for Reference on the Organisation of the economic-administrative structure of the Holy See.

The Commission will

  • gather information,
  • report to the Holy Father and
  • co-operate with the Council of Cardinals for the study of the organisational and economic problems of the Holy See,
  • in order to draft reforms of the institutions of the Holy See,
  • with the aim of a “simplification and rationalisation of the existing bodies and more careful planning of the economic activities of all the Vatican Administrations”.

As explained in the Chirograph, the Committee will”offer

  • the technical support of specialist advice and
  • develop strategic solutions for improvement,
  • so as to avoid the misuse of economic resources,
  • to improve transparency in the processes of purchasing goods and services;
  • to refine the administration of goods and real estate;
  • to work with ever greater prudence in the financial sphere;
  • to ensure correct application of accounting principles;
  • and to guarantee healthcare and social security benefits to all those eligible”.

The Commission will be able to collaborate, on request, with the working Group of eight Cardinals in drafting a plan for the reform of the Apostolic Constitution “Pastor Bonus” on the Roman Curia.

The aims and the appointments of the Commission are described in detail in the Chirograph itself.

The members of the Commission are laypeople, experts in “legal, economic, financial and organisational matters”, currently eminent consultants or reviewers for Vatican or ecclesiastical economic institutions. The only member of the clergy is the Secretary.

The eight members are:

Dr. Joseph FX Zahra (Malta), President

Msgr. Lucio Angel Vallejo Balda (Secretary of the Prefecture for Economic Affairs), Secretary

Mr Jean-Baptiste de Franssu (France)

Dr. Enrique Llano (Spain)

Dr. Jochen Messemer (Germany)

Ms. Francesca Immacolata Chaouqui (Italy)

Mr. Jean Videlain-Sevestre (France)

Mr. George Yeo (Singapore)

Dr. Zahra and Dr. Messemer are International reviewers of the Prefecture of Economic Affairs of the Holy See.

The Commission will begin its work as soon as possible. A first meeting is scheduled for shortly after the Holy Father’s return from Brazil.

The Holy Father hopes for a happy and productive collaboration between the Commission and the Vatican Administrations associated with its work.

[01063-02.01] [Original text: Italian – working translation]


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  • Military, politics, economics cum religion.. what an all rounder!
  • Congrats Former Minister, George Yeo for his appointment to the special Commission by Vatican …a very heavy responsibility ….it’s an honour for the Catholic Community in Singapore!  ~ Cynthia Phua
  • Congrats! I said “The world is your playground” when you were considering the non executive role during the last PE. The impact of this appointment far out weight the other. Will keep you in prayer. Sincerely happy for you!
  • Well done Mr Yeo, you bring pride to Singapore!
  • Mr Yeo, you have a high calling. Congratulations. God bless you with wisdom and Favour.
  •  Right man for the job, right job for the man;) god bless
  •  We are all so proud of George Yeo.
  • Yep. George Yeo was well respected with PRC diplomats and Chinese high Officials and many still ask about him when we met. He is instrumental to bridge image that some officials think differently about us.

by Fabrications About The PAP

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  • The pope and the Vatican embrace a talent that voters in Aljunied have spurned.
    The Vatican ends up with the gem and we are saddled with the duds.
  • Congrats to George Yeo’s appointment.
    And we have Pritam Singh and gang instead.
  • Singapore’s loss is the Vatican’s gain. Vatican should write a thank you letter to the Workers’ Party? :p
  • One George Yeo is many times better than all the five MPs in Aljunied GRC put together.
  • I believe the point that is being made, is that George Yeo is a man of such high integrity that he is recognized even by the Vatican..
  • George Yeo is no longer a politician. He is more into doing humanitarian work.
    We cant always blame the Government for anything that went wrong.
    One day when all the current PAP leaders are retired or gone, i expect the worse for Singapore’s politics
    – if Singaporeans are divided politically or racially.
    I fear some gen Y appear to be unconcerned about the long term prospects of our country, and because they do not have a good discernment spirit.
  •  Five years to repent. Five years to regret. Well, I don’t know if they are all repenting given than some people will vote for just about anyone as long as it is not PAP and they do not care to find out what the government has done or has not done.
    They also don’t care how their estate is managed and they don’t care how town council money is spent as long as they do not have to pay any increase in S&CC.
    I do have a friend who repented right after the results of GE 2011 was announced and she lived in Aljunied GRC. During the election, she was talking about using the vote to speak to the government.
    She didn’t think her vote was that powerful.
    After the election, she was very sorry that George Yeo was no longer her MP. Well, too bad for her. She made her choice.
  • You make the wrong choice you live by it



Minister for Law and Minister for Foreign Affairs K Shanmugam says it is an honour for Singapore that former Foreign Affairs Minister George Yeo has been appointed to a special Vatican commission set up by Pope Francis.

In a statement released by the Foreign Affairs Ministry today,

Mr Shanmugam said Mr Yeo’s appointment is testimony to his exceptional abilities and high international standing.

He also said the commission is going to engaged in work of historical significance.

Mr Yeo is one of seven international experts appointed to the Vatican commission.

The move is part of efforts to reform the Vatican’s administration and finances.


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