Singaporeans voice concern on Nuclear Power


Singapore Nuclear Power Plant?

Excerpt from TODAY – In the next 50 years, Singapore can either choose to continue using natural gas to meet most of its energy needs, or move to nuclear power, said a panellist at an Institute of Policy Studies conference yesterday.

Singaporeans immediately raises concern on the suggestion. Here is what they say.


Goh Ek Ming The Chernobyl and Fukushima exclusion zone is way bigger then Singapore .

Joey Foo What if a disaster strike and the nuclear power plant got destroyed like the one in Fukushima? Just let the people and the neighbouring countries get polluted by the radiation? Why not think of solar power and further improvised it

Citrine BlueRay Singapore is an island surrounded by oceans. There are many ways to create power through the ocean current. – Free from fossil fuel and nuclear energy

David Yee Our sunny island is so sunny I do not know why until now nobody wants to install more solar panels. Keep saying nuclear nuclear nuclear. Where can we escape to if there’s really a nuclear disaster? Unless we do not want SG100 or SG150.

Shawn Wong Uncle peter trying to sell his product. Do remember the size of Singapore is 24km height by 48km width. Where can our 4M people escape to if accident happen.

Tan Shi Wen Definitely not in Singapore . Consideration of radiation radius of faulty plant is a must. If possible have to install far far away and surrounded by sea water to be 100% safe and all site personnels must be well trained in all aspects in term of emergency and critical situation . This is a matter of life and death .

Xiaohao Mok I am very keen to know where they plan to build the reactor. This is no longer about building a dormitory or a day care for senior citizens near where I stay. This is about life and death. If there was an accident, we would become stateless. This has to be put to a vote.

Ng Yong Toh The idea is tempting but we can’t risk a nuclear disaster. Singapore is so small, even if the plant is off shore, how far can it be built? A leak will still affect Singapore. What about nuclear waste? And it’s a no no in neighbouring country. We should be energy self sufficient. Having a plant in another country means that we’re at the mercy of that country. You simply don’t want to build something so important in another country


Muhd Rifae If Malaysia n Indonesia r moving to nuclear energy,why not Singapore? Currently,Singapore n the rest of the World also burn fossil fuels n this is affecting humanity n Earth indirectly…

Then there are those who think people need to learn more before worrying too much

Liu INan Seriously, people who want to comment should show their A “level Physics results. most of the people commenting here I doubt can tell the difference between U235 and U238, or for that matter, what the heck is a U235. they probably think proton is that Malaysian car Dr Mahathir is so proud of.



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