Singaporeans Question Amos Yee’s Lawyers Who Ask For Non-Christian Judge.


Sorry, we broke our promise not to talk about Amos Yee’s case anymore. We got nothing against him. In fact, we find him to be somewhat a genius. We are reporting for the plain reason that this latest call by Amos Yee’s lawyers is what we though an attempt to challenge the judicial system.  As such we find it important to put it in our archive.

This morning, ST carries a post with the title “Lawyers want judge who’s not Christian for Amos Yee appeal”. It instantly drew a load of comments.  Here are some notable comments.

What Singaporeans Say?

Hak Sulaiman Dangerous lines · 73 ·Likes
Aileen Goh All religion should be respected.
Whether is Christian and Non-Christian judge, I don’t see any difference as they are experienced judges and they know what they are doing.
 · 185 ·Likes
Daryl Chan Then next appeal will be …i want judge that has no religion · 101 ·Likes
Chai Kath Lawyers … where are you coming from? Next you want a foreign judge who never knew who late LKY was and never had a father or father who passed away with no insults at his mourning?
How about contempt of court for the lawywers who are now deem to accuse the judge based on religion?
 · 102 · Likes
Patrick Soh Non Christian judge? Checked…
How about a buddhist monk? But… will he complain that he is bald.. so prejudice again… no bald monk too…
How about muslim cleric? But… Amos will later complain about he has a beard…

Walah yea…. no end laa….
· 73 · Likes
Jairaj Kumar Firstly, this issue has been dragging far too long. He is nothing more than a recalcitrant brat who hasn’t shown any desire whatsoever to repent and rectify his mistakes. A brat who’s misguided idea of ‘free speech’ which is nothing more than heaping insults upon innocents and slandering them. The law dealt with him justly and we should all respect that and leave this matter. And those lawyers standing up for him are going against the very core values of our nation. Dragging race or religion into everything is NOT how we operate! Be it Chinese, Indian, Muslim or Christian, the judge has been appointed solely on his merit. The lawyers making such a request should be taken to task and reprimanded. We’ve never had this issue before in our country and we should nip it in the bud before it sets an ugly precedence.· 67 · Likes
Joseph Lee christian or not, the verdict is the same … are the lawyers smoking the same weed as famous amos? …. the high court should throw out the case and warn the lawyers for playing such games … · 43 · Likes
Nick Lai Weixuan Implying that a Christian judge would be bias? Those are dangerous implications. · 46 · Likes
Chang Kong What are his lawyers’ religion in the 1st place? Hehehhe· 34 · Likes
Fong Siew Hong Perhaps defence lawyers should also be non-Christians with no ulterior motives? What they want is a judge who would simply favour Amos, I guess. · 12 · Likes
Jonathan Yan Non Christian judge. What a wanker. U might as well ask GOD to be the judge. Get a life. · 9 · Likes
Masliah Lynn Can we sue the lawyers!? Now i’m offended. No more the kid insulting Christians, even supposedly educated lawyers!! · 20 · Likes
William Ong WL Err…. I thought Amos also talk about LKY. I think he want foreigners judge who isn’t Christian. · 16 · Likes
Sebastian Kang Amos Yee and his lawyers are playing on a very very fine line … requesting for a non Christian judge to hear appeal … are they indirectly implying about our judiciary understanding of the law (which may be distorted by the judges religious beliefs) … this is purely bigotry and nonsense … we should not allow such requests as it will be a precedent to start other bigotry requests by other appellant(s)· 11 · Likes
Soh Yong Bin Matthew Lawyer has no respect to the jurisdiction, implying possible biasness based on the judge’s own belief ? · 27 ·Likes
Benny Tay I think Amos lawyer should just be the judge and let Amos go! Ridiculous! · 11 · Likes

News from Straits Times

Lawyers want judge who’s not Christian for Amos Yee appeal

Singaporeans Question Amos Yee's Lawyers Who Ask For Non-Christian Judge.

Singaporeans Question Amos Yee’s Lawyers Who Ask For Non-Christian Judge.

Amos Yee had been found guilty on May 12 of intending to wound the religious feelings of Christians in a video, as well as of uploading an obscene image onto his blog.PHOTO: ST FILE 
The lawyers for teenage blogger Amos Yee want his appeal to be heard by a non-Christian judge when it goes before the High Court.


The 16-year-old will be appealing against both his conviction and sentence. His lawyer Alfred Dodwell filed the notice of appeal on July 9, three days after Yee was released from remand.

Yee had been given four weeks’ jail on July 6, walking free that day after his sentence was backdated from June 2. He had been on remand for more than 50 days.

He had been found guilty on May 12 of intending to wound the religious feelings of Christians in a video, as well as of uploading an obscene image onto his blog.

His lawyer Ervin Tan said: “We will be asking for the appeal to be fixed before a non-Christian judge in the High Court, given the nature of the charge. This is based on the fundamental principle that justice should manifestly be seen to be done.”

The case in the State Courts was heard by a non-Christian judge, District Judge Jasvender Kaur, during the two-day trial in May.

In her judgment, Judge Kaur found Yee had deliberately made “clearly derogatory” comments about Jesus Christ in his YouTube video, which criticised Singapore’s founding prime minister Lee Kuan Yew and drew comparisons between Christ and Mr Lee.

She said: “By making an analogy between the two different subjects, the accused was pointing to the same alleged denigrating similarities between Mr Lee and his followers, and Jesus and Christians.”




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