Singaporeans Echo The Call By Ngiam Tong Dow That Civil Servants Must Walk The Ground First.

TODAY published a report on a speech at the DBS Asian Insights Conference by Ngiam Tong Dow. He is an adjunct professor at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy.

In his speech, he calls for civil servants to walk the ground first before making policies.

CNA re-posted this report on their Facebook page and attracted more than 3000 likes and 700 shares. Singaporean agrees on his call.

Here is what Singaporeans say:

Golden words which we on the ground have been saying for a long time but nobody listened to us. They bring in upper management with no working skills or experience and we are suppose to make them look good with our knowledge while they take home a big fat pay!! 62 Likes

They should also walk the ground several times as they progress upwards. Otherwise their perception of the ground maybe dated. 46 Likes

Very true and correct. If a higher management do not understand the ground work and problem lies on the ground then make unrealistic policies and decisions will cause more problematic problems to arise ahead. Eventually, will cause the ground workers more frustrated and unhappy. 34 Likes

100% Agree
Many of the so call Top Managements in Singapore have no idea what happen on the ground level
They just go up to top management because they big papers

In the end
They got no feeling for they workers working on the ground level. 24 Likes

They do not make policies any longer. They simply carry out the policies and look after their rice bowl and backside. The ground is for peasants to walk. 19 Likes

Not only civil servant.. even MP and ministries..hardly seem them walking on the ground unless election coming… 25 Likes

Maybe the government should kick in a new ruling that all new MPs should be mandatory to take public transport and stay in public housing and importantly use the government subsidy medical for 2 years before they should be qualify to be worth using our tax payers hard earned money as our ministers. Talk is free and that is what many of the ministers are good at ONLY. 21 Likes

The pioneers civil servants don’t need paper but they get the jobs done effectively and efficiently at low pay. The current civil servants, Ministers included received everything that is already established and “auto-pilot” at high pay but they cannot get the jobs done well. 17 Likes




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