Singaporeans Are Upset Over Workers Party Statement On MRT Breakdown.


In a statement, Workers Party said:  They are  deeply worried over the 3.5 hour disruption of train services along the entire stretch of both the North-South and East-West MRT lines on 7 July 2015 They added that the severe inconvenience caused to an estimated quarter-of-a-million commuters during the evening rush hour makes this the most serious MRT disruption in Singapore’s history.

Here is what Singaporeans’ response:

  • I think your view of your job scope too easy – Just talk which any citizen can do. Don’t see any other concrete actions from you.What’s happening in your town council will have an even bigger economic and national repercussion if you run the country.


  • Repercussions on our economic and national security interests is at risk not from the break down of the MRT line, it is at risk because of incompetent opposition party sweeping rubbish under their carpet.Clean up your town council and your blind loyalty act before you meddle things you know nothing about.


  • “(WP) saying it is deeply worried by the disruption to train services.”
    That’s it? Take 15k salary just to say that?


  • Deeply worried about the financial state of AHPETC!


  • Workers’ Party very hindsighted 马后炮 and always grumbling + nagging worst than old ladies…. Workers’ Party is good at nothing + good for nothing + worst than useless.


  • They cannot handle a town’s account, they want to talk about national security?


  • Aren’t they part of the government? Though your opposition but you are now elected and part of the government. Work out with solutions and not complain.





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