Singaporeans Are Shock To See This Placard In Free Amos Yee Protest


A group of less than a hundred protesters was at Hong Lim Park yesterday asking to free Amos Yee. One of the photo taken went viral and shocked average Singaporean. Here is the photo and here is what Singaporeans say.

Free Amos Yee #FreeAmosYee

Free Amos Yee #FreeAmosYee

– The mystery has been settled … No wonder the all the Oppies are always holding and using a banana as their “war cry” … now we know why and the reason “behind” the use of that fruit … Yucks

Can use very very very very very very very very very very simple English or not? Free that banana boy and why said Anal intercourse is not deviant? Any related?I wonder if she really understands what is on the sign she is displaying?… I don’t think she does.

– Ask her if she would watch an on line video of that activity ..she would be embarrassed and say of course not !!

– Pathetic..her mind is sex and dirty, only…why ya think of “anal intercourse” between gays ?

– What has anal intercourse got to do with Free Amos Yee #FreeAmosYee?

Give the girl a break! Are u following ur agenda? Because she is with WP then assault her?

– She wants publicity for holding a sign with crude words, guess she wouldn’t mind additional publicity…




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