Singaporeans Are Asking Roy Ngerng Where Did The Money Go?

Following the  ‪#‎RoyvsPM‬ Roy Ngerng defamation hearing.

Is it only us or do you think that its ridiculous that  had in the past appealed for donations (and received more than $100K) to fund his defamation suit but only to appear in court with no lawyers and representing himself?

Information as to how much money he received was updated in his blog last year but the updates has since stopped completely.

Roy Ngerng1Roy Ngerng3

Where did the money go Roy Ngerng?


What other Singaporeans say?

– No job, just use crowd funding to live & travel world over? Locals can’t be that dumb to fund his puppet. Wonder who are the puppet masters that fund him to weaken govt. & SG.

–  There are always people who are silly enough to believe him. Just like there are always die hard supporter for WP even if they screw up big time.

–  His air mileage should be enough to get upgrade to Business Class leow



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