Singapore Hero – Singaporeans Salute This Hero That Stands Up Against Bully

Singapore Hero – This week, one of the post that went viral at our Facebook page is a video by Nabilah Nasser capturing a hero standing up against a bigger man bullying a young chap.

Here is the video

Who is this Hero?

In Nabilah Nasser’s post, she identifies the hero as Loony Gates.  We found the page and this is what the Loony Gates says

What Singaporeans say?

Double Thumbs up to the young man for standing up for the poor young guy. You are the man!

-All respects to the guy and the woman who took a video of this to raise awareness! If i were there i would probably be standing with the Malay brother and nodding my heads in agreement to what he says!

-That cunt turned into coward when they met someone who are bigger size than a small young kids who unable to protect themselves. Respect to you who stood up against bully, my good lad.. All the best to you.

-Bravo. We are United as Sporean.Dont think u are Ang mo can do what u like in our country .

-Good job Elfy! Stand up to the bully! Look at the way he shrunk when Elfy confronted him! He thinks he can say and do what he likes? Idiotic man!!

-As I was watching this video, I felt so discouraged…no one spoke up to help out and so very sad that the man does not stand up for himself when he was berated and belittled. With a fully packed MRT, we have enough pack power to band together to defend our own countryman but no one did. How could we let a foreigner picked on us in that manner? Thankfully, a courageous man came to the rescue and make us proud.




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