Singapore Healthcare System – Retiree Pays Astronomical Sum Staying Changi Hospital For 80 Days.


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But nonetheless, This is a real-life case. We felt that many Singaporeans will be interested to know. As such, we are sharing this post on our site to keep Singaporean informed about the Singapore Healthcare system.

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Singapore healthcare system - paying zero for 80 days of stay in Changi Hospital.

Singapore healthcare system – paying zero for 80 days of stay in Changi Hospital.

Close to 3 months stay in hospital. Total bill: $104,405. Government Grant : $75,385. Incomeshield Covers: $26,200. Medisave: $2,911. Out of Pocket: Priceless #Zero.

#Overheard [ Me father guest of Changi General Hospital for 80 days including many days straight in ICU final bill $104,000, Heng ah 2Ms Medisave and Medishield & Government subsidy, and final knight in shining armor NTUC Income, final bill ZERO! my father stopped work 21 years ago and last drawn salary $1,000 as a general worker, he is as average a Singaporean as can be. Medisave deduction after close to 3 months of stay is $2,911.16. None of us children paid anything; cash or in kind. ]

What Singaporeans Say about Singapore Healthcare system?

Yvonne Sahnam-Chin I had a dear friend who have since passed on.. Her hospital bill was $250k for 2 months stay at the ICU. Her husband is the sole breadwinner, they have 3 school going children and aged parents to look after. Her husband could ill afford such expensive hospital bill so the social welfare group stepped in and took care of their bills.
Imagine how distressing that must be. A government who stepped in and give help to those in need. As a friend, I was so relieved to know this. What more can u ask for from a government who cares??
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Sebastian Kang The negative mindsets and naysayers … when dumped with large hospital bill (s) … may have been “self employed” and / or “remain unemployed” have not been contributing to the CPF (the need for immediate cash rather than save for rainy days) … even if these negative mindsets and naysayers , receive such good benefits , will you really hear them talking or spreading the good news (it’s in their blood – everything the Government or PAP does is considered bad for Singapore) … Thanks for showing and sharing· 76 ·Likes
PEter TAn I wonder why some Singaporeans still doubt Pap government?which country have such welfare….?· 87 ·Likes
Sean Ng Not many people willing to share what the good things they received from government but will blame government for this and that. Thanks for sharing.· 50 · Likes
Kaishian Ho SDP , Chee SC and other who living in LaLa land will find fault in our government . They just keep looking for little crack and magnify them many fold . Even Minister Tan CJ’s visit to cardboard collectors also being complained and used as political issue to attack PAP .· 30 ·Likes

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