Singapore has to live by it wits.. – by Ho CS



Dwell not on what might have been if only we had, but rather focus on what could still be with what we have left.
For there is a pattern of justice intrinsic in Nature that gives us hope that all is not lost for the disadvantaged and the seemingly less endowed by Nature.
When Nature decks you with a bad hand of cards, Providence compensates for that inequity in some other ways.
So just as the lion is blessed with the attributes of size and strength, its inability to run fast for more than a few minutes is its Achilles heel.
And frail looking though a deer might appear, Providence compensates it with two pairs of fleet-footed limbs that enables it to outrun many of its predacious /predatory co-inhabitants of the jungle.
Indeed like the Fool in Shakespeare’s plays, Singapore has to live by it wits, and to learn to serve and to humour others.

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