Shocking, This Is How PAP MP Victor Lye Treats An Old Auntie


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I want to expose this PAP MP. His name is Victor Lye Thiam Huat. I was shocked when I saw his Facebook post.  This is how Victor Lye treats an old single auntie who has no relative. People say that PAP MP are elitist. This incident very much proves a point.

Here is the post by Victor Lye

Victor Lye

Visited Mdm Ng in hospital with fellow volunteers. She was found lying motionless at her Bedok Reservoir home by a neighbour who noticed her absence in the community after two days.

Mdm Ng lives alone and has lost contact with her two children for over three years. She is in her 80s and fell. She told me she had fallen more than 5 times, but the last knocked her out.

It is heartening that our neighbourhood network worked in time for Mdm Ng, thanks to a selfless neighbour. He had tied a rope to his waist to gain entry via the window.

After checking on Mdm Ng at the hospital, I visited the hero at his home to thank him.

Next, we are rallying volunteers to clean Mdm Ng’s home. Mdm Ng had shared her home with many birds that over time, the flat is covered with droppings and filthy.

Spoke to her attending doctor and will liaise with the medical social worker to assess Mdm Ng’s admission to a nursing home. Will also help Mdm Ng approach the HDB for permission to rent out the flat for income. We will also request financial assistance for her

Most of all, what we do for Mdm Ng highlights that the community can rally to help each other in need. Am also looking into ways to alert local help for elderly living alone. The Community Action, Response and Engagement (CARE) system which I encouraged community leaders to set up invites residents to declare if they live alone. I wish and hope that with greater engagement, we can strengthen connectivity at the ground. In the extreme, lives can be saved.

Victor Lye Thiam Fatt 赖添发 - Hospital visit

Victor Lye Thiam Fatt 赖添发 – Hospital visit

Victor Lye Thiam Fatt 赖添发 - Hospital visit

Victor Lye Thiam Fatt 赖添发 – Hospital visit

Old auntie's home

Old auntie’s home

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