Shocking marketing effort to sell the billion dollar Chinese project Forest City at Iskandar

This is the forest city that is being advertised like crazy in Shenzhen now…. calling it a highly delicate and deliberately planned scam.

Someone i knew had her mom’s friends buying but the contract was in English and only several pages long (even when we buy an insurance it comes with a booklet thicker than that). The ‘observation’ tour consists of mainly Singapore attractions (Sentosa, Merlion park, Clarke Quay, Sg flyer), a so called forest city site and then JB factory outlet shopping.

Their reasons why they wanna buy it were because:
1) it’s only 2km from Tuas checkpoint and thus Singapore
2) they were promised express entry to Singapore afterwards (not true, with Chinese passports they will still need visa),
3) with PR in Malaysia granted, and
4) they get to stay near the scenic Singapore (come on, the indicated site is near to the Tuas industrial area, what scenic view?)
5) the island is ready in 2018 (this project requires reclamation, how is it possible to be all ready so soon?)
6) it was marketed as ‘buy the Shenzhen of 10 years ago!’.

this is the one I had mentioned to you before too!!

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