Resident of Aljunied Wants Sylvia Lim To Be Transparent And Accountable


Dear Immediate Past Chairman of AHPETC, (Ms Sylvia Lim)

I read your letter to MND With dismay. For once, I urge you to be transparent and accountable for the financial mess that you and your team have caused to our Town Council. Please consider the following points which you have not provided satisfactory answers for:

1) You mentioned that FMSS was awarded through a public tender. No one denies that. What is of concern is why didn’t you publicly made known that your assentors and supporters created FMSS 7 days after the GE2011?

2) Why did you not tell the public that your contractual obligation with CPG, the then managing agent for Aljunied Hougang Town Council had 2 more years of contractual obligation up to 2013 and that only you can terminate their contract?

3) Why are you not being truthful that the creation of FMSS was premeditated as it was created way before CPG expressed their reluctance to work for you end of May 2011?

4) You mentioned that payments made by AHPETC to FMSS was made pursuant to the contracts and therefore cannot be considered as overpayments. That is technically true. But you being their sole client and knowing that the owners are your friends, shouldn’t you be concerned on the gross profiteering they are making as those monies are from your residents? Are you not aware of your fiduciary duties to act in the interests of the residents and not for yourselves or for your friends despite it being a commercial agreement and transaction?

5) You mentioned that you benchmarked CPG’s MA fees with FMSS in 2011. That is true. But why did you not explain that there was a jump in MA fee from $3.8 million for FY11/12 to $5.3 million in FY12/13 and subsequently $6.8 million in FY13/14 bearing in mind that your revenue increase by only 38% in 2014 as compared to 2011 but your MA rates increased by 77%?

So stop crying foul that the government or the party or Singaporeans for that matter are picking on the Town Council matter. We are not and neither are we using this for political gain. This concerns the lives of Aljunied residents and it must be addressed. If you truly care and want them to be empowered, please be transparent and accountable to the issues I raised above.

Thank you.

Adam, Hudzaifah
Resident of Aljunied GRC


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