Public Service Officer ’s Story Is So Touching Even PM Lee Shares It

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“When I was working at a secondary school, I attended to an application for financial assistance submitted by a Secondary One student. It was declined because her father’s salary exceeded the income limit allowed. As I noticed that the student’s mother was particularly upset by the rejection, I approached her to ask if she was alright.

She explained to me that she had been diagnosed with cancer. The family needed the financial assistance because most of her husband’s salary went towards her high medical bills. Moved by the family’s plight, I spoke to the school principal, who agreed to allow the use of the school’s advisory fund to help meet some of the girl’s education and transport expenses. No longer having to worry about the school expenses, the girl worked very hard and excelled in school.
After my transfer to MOE headquarters, she sent me a handwritten note. By that time, she had lost much of her eyesight due to her chemotherapy sessions, and I was very touched she took the effort to write the long note to me. She wrote that she was grateful to have met two people in her life whom she would never forget, and I was one of them. In her final stages of cancer, I visited her in hospital. When she passed on, her family invited me to her wake, because she ‘would have wanted me to be there’. I have never expected that my simple gesture could have touched their lives to such an extent.
It has been two years since the mother’s passing. The girl did well in school, is now working and we still keep in touch. It is little things like this which keeps me going. I do not expect anything in return when I help others; after all, I am only doing my job. And ultimately, being able to help others is what makes me happy.”Mdm Kaliane d/o K. Sokalingham
Senior Administration Support Executive, Service Strategy & Development Unit, Customer Services Branch
Ministry of Education


 Public Service Officer ’s story is so touching even PM Lee shares it.

Public Service Officer ’s story is so touching even PM Lee shares it.

Many dedicated public officers work quietly behind the scenes, giving their best each day. Their efforts are not always noticed or recognised.

Was glad to read this post by MOE officer Kaliane d/o K. Sokalingham, who remembers helping a student in need and making a difference to her and her family. It is touching that the student’s family made the effort to keep in touch with her too.

I hope her story will inspire more public officers to look beyond routine responses and go the extra mile. Well done, Mdm Kaliane! smile emoticon

What Singaporeans’ Say?

Vaishnavi Jayakumar You are such a wonderful woman. May God shower you with blessings and keep you and your loved ones happy.
John Christopher Yao This is the kind of civil servant Singapore desparately needs. It is more than a job (as it used to be), but a vocation to serve the people with compassion. My salute to you!
Chrissy Ong You may think that you are “just doing your job” but to the recipient who was touched by your sweet gesture which turned their lives around, you are an angel in disguise.
Maswati Mohd Mdm you are so kind.. thank you
Hoping to have many more like you..
I was denied once when l was a single mum..

But its okay now.
Veronica Tay You are very kind and attentive. You are her angel.
Fook Soon Poon Salute you madam. Your story made my day. We do things not for personal glorification but for an inner satisfaction of our spirit within. God bless you.
Zainabz Mohamed im proud of her and ive noticed many like her those rendered a hand sincerely not to be noticed. cheers warm hearted Singaporean
YewChong Toh Its your extra care factor to find out more that make the difference.Kudos to the little girl and yur effort to keep in touch
Ismail Talib Nice story very touching when someone had passed away and her appreciation words touches our heart.
Years ago when I was a patrolman I attended a case of someone punctured complainant’s car tyre. There were 2 middle age ladies and after accessing the
situation I realized it was a case of flat tyre. They pleaded with me to change the flat tyre as it was not my job. Being iadies and night time at lonely spot I helped them and at the same giving tips how to maintain tyre pressure. Few week later I received a personal appreciation letter from them. I thought nothing of it and wanted to keep it when my supervisor who handed the letter took it back and said ‘this is an appreciation letter should be handed to the service clerk’.
Siew Lan Jenny Fong You were destined to be there for her & you did a Good Part & Attention towards her Needs. May U Be Bless in Your Daily Life & Keep Up Your Routine Work & Pray Things go Smoothly Along the Way Thanks for sharing S’pore interesting News Mr LSL
Johnny Koh I salute you that you were observant enough and gone the extra mile to help further… many have to learn from you, Madam! God bless you!
Mubarak Abdullah A very touching story I cried in silence when I read the story.Thank you very Mr Lee for highlighting the story.





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