Pritam Singh really know how to “Siam” – AHPETC audit lapses saga 2015


Pritam Singh refused to answer in the Parliament

VIDEO OF PARLIAMENT DEBATE: The WP’s Mr Pritam Singh said that his duty was to ‪#‎AHPETC‬ residents, and that he would answer questions if they were posed by a resident, to which Minister of State Sam Tan said: “I’m an Aljunied resident. You can give your answers to me.”  Pritam Singh kept silent. video credit to Channel NewsAsia

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 video source – CNA


Overheard :

Then…Sam Tan came up and said he is a Aljunied resident…..classic la this one…

Please answer to Sam Tan please, he’s an Aljunied resident.

WP no answer lah. only want to pay victinm and siam

Classic Pritam – no class as usual

First World Parliament: One where a member will only answer questions posed by another member who is a resident in his constituency.

They sold us that WP can do a better job than the PAP, well did they. IT’S A BIG FAT NO

Then people vote them into Parliment for what? Joker

Singh had the gall and audacity to disrespect the highest democratic institution of the land which is Parliament. A huge paradox considering WP prides itself as advocates of a ‘First World Parliament.’

I am so disappointed with Pritam Singh’s response. When challenged, instead of taking it calmly and explain the assertion, he chose an arrogant style to reply. What if WP becomes the Govt? Would they not explain to people if they have issue? What is the world coming to?

Lol he wanna smoke his residents ..but he know he cannot smoke min shan

Very unprofessional answer from pritam Singh that is certainly showing that WP is far from the standard expected of a first class parliament. ..

Pritam Singh takes it as a child’s game. If “you are this then I that”.
You are a lawyer. An MP. This is not about winning, this is about making sure residents know, in full public view, so that you don’t weasel and say other things and proclaim that t
he truth.

That’s why transparency is about accounting in public. Do it if u believe in it.

It’s not about winning, it’s about the residents knowing the truth. If they still trust U, good; how about those who can’t accept it?

Answer it. At least to that 1 resident in the Chamber.

I was shocked at his way of answering. Bad move on his part. He should have realised that this way of answering will just bring him trouble

Pritam, you don’t have the answers then and now! your false sense of bravado is pathetic and please show some respect to your residents, and if you can to the Minister

So if WP come to my ward to sell newsletters n ask about AHPETC, they cannot answer til I move to AHPETC?

The MPs and Ministers in Parliament represents all Singaporeans, not just Aljunied Residents but ALL Singaporeans. MP Pritam Singh, you have a duty to answer questions in parliament. Thats what you are paid for.

Omg…. Pritam Singh is really adisgraced  to WP. Residents in his town council easier tocon is  it? He dare not be transparent to whole of Singapore?

I’m no supporter of either party, but whether you like him or not, this is not how one should talk to a Cabinet Minister. And a Law Minister at that. His tone was utterly disrespectful not only to the Minister, but to Parliament as a whole.

There is a
certain decorum to be expected of members of Parliament, regardless which party you represent, and all would do well to remember that and observe it. Should our Parliamentary sessions become one where physical blows are eventually traded, or one where verbal debates are conducted with the utmost respect for each other?



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