People of Singapore will not let Mr Lee Kuan Yew down


Overheard from MJ :

What set out to be a day for us to personally thank Mr LKY, turned out to be one that has given us more to remember.

8pm to 4.30 am – just a matter of 8.1/2 hours & it made us prouder Singaporeans.

The management of the flow of the crowd was, to me, very efficient. How we were cleverly grouped into clusters and moved accordingly. How we were held at resting areas to be seated for 3 hours, before proceeding, so that we didn’t have to stand all the way. How smoothly the flow was, the snake queues from within Padang, then to Marina platform where there were more snake queues, then U-turn, the underground crossing & finally the Parliament House.

Right from the beginning, we were offered drinks, biscuits, buns. Electric candle lights, stickers were handled out.
Throughout the walk, there were more drinks, buns, even apples and oranges. There was even teh tarik from a Muslim family which helped to perk us up. Umbrellas hanging on the barricades which came in handy when there was a drizzle. And yes, chilled wet wipes, to freshen ourselves up too!
This humourous gentleman helping in the distribution even offered the flaps of the carton boxes as fans. It provided a light moment for the tired crowd smile emoticon

The cheers from the army officers certainly motivated our two little ones, giving them renewed energy, at two-ish in the middle of the night. Yes, I am proud of our five boys. And I am proud of all the young ones who were there with their parents. They seemed obviously tired, but not a single complaint or whine.

Now, I am more confident that Mr Lee Kuan Yew will be able to rest in peace. I think the people of Singapore will not let him down when the time comes for us to band together for the love of Singapore, to build on the legacy of Mr Lee.

Thank You Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Thank You fellow Singaporeans.


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