With a nation’s attention on heartthrob-of-the-moment Dr Jamus Lim, Sengkang residents might feel like they have been hit by an avalanche of information.

While a lot of attention has been on the Workers’ Party Team this election season, the People’s Action Party Team has been quietly toiling in the background, doing the ground work (yawn) they have been doing for some time now! Now, while we are all still swooning over Jamus’ melodic twang, let’s see if we can find out more about the PAP team, shall we?

Psst, we’ve sussed out some interesting things about the members of the PAP team!

1. Ng Chee Meng

Mr Ng Chee Meng was born a day before National Day, on 8 August 1968. He grew up in a family with four brothers and seems to be really close to his late mother. In a recent interview, he spoke about a deeply-treasured 1968 $1 coin that his mother gave him.

Ng Chee Meng engaging worried drivers during Grab’s merger with Uber

At 17 in his Junior College days, Mr Ng got his private flying licence when he joined the Singapore Youth Flying Club. He’s also a consistent Arsenal supporter.

Ivory tower? Nowhere near. Mr Ng came from humble beginnings, his father was retrenched when he was very young. At that time, the family was in the midst of upgrading to a bigger flat. Can you imagine the upheaval? Mr Ng perfectly gets how life’s curveballs and changes in circumstances can affect families. Coming from a place of understanding, this Labour Chief seems to have a strong passion for helping displaced workers. In fact, judging from the plans he has lain out, the issues surrounding jobs must have been one of the things keeping this Labour Chief up at night these days!

2. Amrin Amin

Mr Amrin Amin spent his school years at Dunman Secondary School and Tampines Junior College. He then went on to read law at the National University of Singapore. He is currently the Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Ministry of Health and has also been a MP for Sembawang GRC since 2015. Word has it that his popularity with the residents at his previous ward is through the roof, but don’t take our word for it. Here goes!

Mr Amrin is also passionate about helping marginalised communities. Looks like this gem of an MP will potentially be landing in Sengkang should the team get elected come 10 July!

As Mr Amrin puts it, “This election is too crucial. Candidates should be assessed on their plans, experience and track record. Rhetoric, no matter how eloquently put, does not build or improve towns, put food on the table and secure jobs.” Indeed, the Sengkang PAP Team has been hard at work, putting together plans, including the bringing of job opportunities closer to residents.

Oh yes. One last thing, this smiley gentleman sings extremely well too!

3. Lam Pin Min

Born on 1 Sep 1969, Mr Lam grew up in an HDB flat in Tanglin Halt Road. He has two brothers and a younger sister and is of Hakka descent. He also shared how during his school years, he often had to recycle the secondhand textbooks with many pencil marks handed down to him. Mr Lam also recalled how he would spend the evening erasing the pages clean, wrapping the books with coloured gift wrappers so that they looked presentable.   


Mr Lam is currently a Senior Minister of State in the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Transport and has been faithfully serving an MP for 14 years now.

Well, some may know him as the Minister at the centre of the PMD saga. Harsh comments slamming Mr Lam surfaced when the news first broke. Their criticisms? Largely centred around the ban on PMDs, which has hurt the livelihoods of those depending on it to earn a living. But hey, the accidents were getting one too many #methinks. Being a politician must be one of the most difficult jobs out there!  

Despite the flood of criticisms, Mr Lam’s team soldiered on to engage with food delivery companies FoodPanda, Deliveroo, and GrabFood, to help PMD riders switch from e-scooters to either motorcycles or bicycles. The strong support from his SMC in GE 2015 is testament to the good work that Mr Lam has done for his residents!

4. Raymond Lye

Hitting the ground in his striking red sneakers, Mr Raymond Lye is new to politics but definitely not new to the ground! His passion? Fairness and a level playing field to help those who need assistance the most. Most of his volunteer time has been spent doing community work on the ground. Many residents have benefitted from the years he has been serving the community.

Mr Lye, 54, is also a lawyer with more than 20 years of town council experience, and would be in charge of setting up the new Sengkang town council should the team be elected. Wait, 54? I guess that’s what people mean when they say passion for your work keeps you looking youthful!

Oh, and this team has even come up with a local manifesto tailored for the families of Sengkang. Talk about the sincerity to serve!

Countdown Begins…

Well, it looks like the new Sengkang GRC is shaping up to be a hot battleground – on one hand we have the charm of the Dr Jamus Lim, and on the other, strong track record and sincerity of an experienced team!


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