Opposition leaders, even junior ones, should attempt to fully use their cranial matters before their type something or open their mouths so wide.


Instead of asking what is the churches’ stand on Opposition politics, we should challenge brash and nitwitted pseudo-politicians like this Secretary of The Workers’ Party’s Youth Wing (Chen Jiaxi Bernard 陈家喜) to OPENLY declare what their parties think of the state of the churches, or religious organisations in general.

I have this feeling that they would be pretty tongue-tied.

Opposition leaders, even junior ones, should attempt to fully use their cranial matters before their type something or open their mouths so wide.

PS. apparently he is Legislative Assistant to MPMuhamad Faisal Abdul Manap.

by Bryan Ti


To the Workers Party (WP),

Keep religion out of YOUR POLITICAL GAME.

Stop trying to score political points with the current hot topics.

Religion MUST have NO stand on any politics (alternative/opposition or otherwise).

by : Fabrications About The PAP


Some comments extract from above two links  :

  • I should have applied myself harder during English classes 2 to 3 decades ago… I don’t understand exactly what he was trying to say amongst all those rambling bombastic words…
  • Don’t understand why they/ their sarporters have to associate everything & anything to politics…
    Can’t help but wonder if they’ll blame govt for constipation   (-_-“)
  • It is sad that wp is not able to separate religion from politics. it will be a dangerous game if the wp has intended to mix them. please clarify your intentions, wp.
  •  Isn’t the answer all in the Bible? And obviously Mr Chen did not even know what “church” means. Because if he did, he will realise how retarded his question is. So many bombastic words yet no substance.
  • What’s wp trying to achieve by asking such questions?
  • Religion should stay out of politics. What’s WP doing? Trying to draw religion into local politics?
  • This only shows the characteristics and trait of WP leadership.
    They simply know how to make people go balastic in emotion.
    No more funerals to visit I guess.
    They must seriously understand thier responsibilities on religious issues.
    A simple advice. Stick to the visiting of funerals to stir emotion.
    Dont touch on religion. U will burn the country.
  • Why is this guy trying to mix religion with politics?!? After he asks the churches that question, is he planning to ask the mosques, temples, monasteries etc etc too?
  • Mr Bernard Tan should not mix politics with religion at all!! This is a very very dangerous move!! As it could ruin the religious harmony which Singapore has been having…..
  • Singaporeans better be careful, we know opposition like WP don’t contribute anything constructive, they are constantly looking for things to stir up the emotion of Singaporeans.
    Do not link religion to politics, we got to be objective.
    We cannot allow any political groups to break up the society, they have their objectives, but not in line with what this country wants to achieve, we unite and stand against any ones who attempt to create trouble in the community.
  • The churches are of the opinion that Bernard should repent. More seriously, we would request him to take the matter up with our boss. As I recall, HE wasn’t too impressed with politics of any sort, opposition or otherwise.

Guess “grass” always greener if not “clearer” the other side.

What’s lacking in Singapore is positive oppositions. A credible party just as able to govern as PAP and do not oppose for opposing sake, stand with the government on issues that may divide a nation. For fear of losing votes, oppositions parties in Singapore lack such integrity. Even if they need to change their yellow or red or orange into pink to appease or appeal to the populists, they would. That’s how “fragile” their integrity is, ie influence by circumstances.

And until such day a party dare to offer credible alternative, sane opposition and men of integrity, PAP has better be always the one keeping in steps with sentiments of the people.

Like what LKY said that it’s not that people are more intelligent but more are getting educated.

Therein lies the problem, abduction and abuse of knowledge.

by a netizen

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