One Thing Singaporeans Don’t Know We Are Famous For


A big wig just praised Singapore. He is Guy Ryder, the top man of the UN International Labour Organisation no less.

Guy Ryder - Photo source UN

Guy Ryder – Photo source UN

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Did he praise us on our gleaming skyline, greenery or food? No, no and no. Then what else is Singapore famous for?

Tripartism. (Whut???)

No it’s not about how good we are at throwing parties like F1 and NDP.

Mothership  says tripartism is “trust between the government, employers and workers… if somebody compromises on something today, they will get something back for it tomorrow…Singapore’s three players are committed to sit, discuss and work out solutions together, regardless of the circumstances.”

Guy Ryder praised the effectiveness of Singapore’s tripartism saying “the results are there for everybody to see in terms of economic growth, in terms of employment, in terms of improved living conditions.”

In simple terms, he is telling other countries to watch and learn from Singapore. Don’t blow horn till you show results.

Observe how the cooperation between unions, government and employers help Singapore workers before you throw stones about the lack of populist measures such as welfare  and minimum wage.

In 50 years, Singapore has progressed from strikes  to negotiating for workers’ interests at top decision-making councils on wages, housing, education, transport and more.

Sadly, it takes a foreigner to highlight Singapore’s accomplishments when its citizens are clueless and bochup about their nation’s not-so-secret recipe to success.


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