Netizens Are Upset About The Discrimination Against Our Uniform Personnel By Leisure Park Mall.


Facebook social political site Fabrication about PAP posted a poster by Leisure Park Kallang that discriminates against our NDP uniform personnel. This stirred up the emotion of patriotic netizents. Here is what they say

Ying Shu Heng Management lacks EQ and do not know how to solve a potential operational issue in a politically correct manner. While it is true that dirty boots and shoes are a nightmare for any estate management, the flow of people seeking F&B should not be ignored. Why not get the cleaning staff on standby, provide good door mats for shoes to be cleaned, even personnels manning entrances to remind the participants to wipe their footwear before entering the venue? I assume the toilets will also be crowded by participants seeking a place to change out of their uniforms. Again, more staff could be scheduled to be on duty due to the increased traffic. Issuing this ban is stupid beyond words and definitely do not build goodwill. Those people are uniformed participants on rehearsal days but customers on other days!

That said, I hope my fellow citizens will be considerate and civic-minded enough to at least wipe off mud before entering the mall, for the comfort of other shoppers. Same as people changing out of their soiled work clothes/uniforms/sports attire before taking the public transport. I am sure the management of this mall must have had bad previous experience. However, it does not excuse this very insensitive ban.

Adrian Ch Tan Outrages ! Is this property still under Jacks’ management ? I believe the owner is not aware of this warning, it could be the facility department who is In charge of the cleaning is too lazy to maintain the cleaning that put this signage ! Please Support Total Defence and SG50 by showing more tolerance and be more open for your facilities to our fellow citizens !

Jimmy Carlos Huh??? Worry our soldiers would dirty yr building??? U should be honour NDP uniform visit yr mall…

Yang Tuck Meng Just checked that the Management Agent for Leisure Park Kallang is Aptitude Real Estate Advisory P.L.




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