Netizen Questions Sylvia Lim On Her Response To MND About FMSS Profiteering


Germain Heng

Sylvia Lim,

I refer to your response to MND with much interest.

Your letter, albeit emotionally charged and rightfully so since we’ve entered elections fever, still does not explain why the directors at FMSS were able to sign off their own payments as staff of AHPETC. If the profits of FMSS correspond with the deficits of AHPETC, it would be reasonable for us to conclude that the said directors had overpaid themselves as employees of AHPETC, via AHPETC’s coffers. This is further underscored when AHPETC was FMSS’s sole client, and hence, revenue was earned by providing services to AHPETC.

It is hence not unreasonable to ask that AHPETC present concrete steps to investigate the allegations of misappropriation and if found true, recover the money of the residents. These monies are not yours but you’ve a custodian role, and thus responsibility.

Second, as much as I would like to accept that no MAs tendered for AHPETC’s contract, it does not explain why FMSS was established mere days after GE2011. Further, if you were worried about handover issues, AHPETC’s contract with CPGFM was well within your jurisdiction to continue as they had 2 years left to provide services. I can only conclude that FMSS was set up with the sole purpose to taking over operations of AHPETC, and this was planned immediately after GE2011, not withstanding CPGFM’s existing contract.

May I suggest that you stop being a politician for a bit and consider the facts of the matter as it is presented to the public. In my opinion, MND and ACRA have the responsibility to present these facts to the public, election season or not. In fact, because it is election season, they have a greater responsibility to do so in order for voters to make an informed choice.

You, and your team, on the other hand, has chosen to victimise yourselves over the course of the events. For whatever reason this is so, it does not bring any more light to the matter.

I hope you can enlighten me and the rest of my fellow Singaporeans. This should be done because:

1. We are tired of this drawn out process which seems to be so because of an absence of clear, straightforward answers from you and your fellow town councillors.

2. The money that AHPETC had collected belongs to our fellow Singaporeans towards their estate’s upkeep.

3. You have a responsibility to be transparent since that was WP’s call in GE2011. We cannot allow you to empower the future of our children if these questions are not answered.


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