Netizen Alarmed By The Extreme Hatred On PAP


This article by ASS really takes the cake. If the majority of Singaporeans think in the same frightening US vs YOU mentality, I am worried for our future.…/if-dog-stands-election-a…

We are only human to gripe about the issues that are slow to recover, case in point our public transport system but we still need to be clear-headed and fair. Some problems take time to resolve, more time than the 5 years election cycle.

Having said that, I am fine with having opposing voices thrown in my face, I am fine with people disagreeing with the merits of the PAP’s policies and I am also fine with being called names when I voice support for the government.

What I am uncomfortable and alarmed by is the extreme hatred for the PAP government from some quarters of the Opposition. Honestly, I don’t know what the PAP has done to them but people like Charlie Tong is willing to vote for a dog than a proper PAP MP.

I shudder at the thought of people being willing to cast their sacred vote so flippantly without 1) due consideration for the individual MP’s efforts within the constituency and 2) with such a reckless change at all cost mentality. Surely this is unhealthy for Singapore’s political and economic future?

I hope that my fellow Singaporeans will see the merits of every candidate (both opposition and incumbent), every battle and make the most informed decision after giving due consideration. Be it Opposition or PAP, we share the future and we share it together. Surely, we don’t want to see Singapore falter and lose its sparkle.

Hong Kit Tan

The Article About Hatred On PAP?

Joseph Lim I save you guys the pain of going to the site ————————
Election is coming already and all Singaporeans need to do the right thing. This is Singaporean’s one in five year chance to teach the PAP a les
son. After five years of no results and no improvements to our lives, it is time to make a strong stand and vote against the incumbents.

There are some quarters worried that the Opposition is not unity and will fight among themselves. But don’t worry I am sure most rational Singaporeans realize the need to have a big change. Even if a dog stands for election this GE, I will vote for the dog rather than the PAP candidate.

I urge my fellow Singaporeans to do the same, vote for anything anybody any animal except the PAP. This is the only way to ensure Singapore’s survival. As for those brainless citizens who still insist on sleeping and voting for the incumbents, after the Opposition wins big, you will finally have a taste of your own bitter medicine.

The time for change is now, stop being a stupid Singaporean.

Charlie Tong
A.S.S. Contributor

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