Nation not perfect, but have faith in it . ( Singapore’ National Day 2013 )


 ST Forum – Aug 09, 2013 – Cheang Ko Lyn

AS A 15-year-old living in Singapore in this age of flux, where we are the children born amid rapid modernisation as a result of our grandparents’ and parents’ toil, I find my generation in a unique situation.

As Singapore’s 48th birthday drew near, I was surprised by the indifference among some young people towards this date.

We should let this National Day be a timely reminder of everything that our forefathers sacrificed during the bloody struggle for the independence and freedom we enjoy today. It is often forgotten that before the efficiency and prosperity we have now, we faced riots and challenges.

Singapore is not perfect and there may be flaws, but it is imperative that we do not forget we are building this country together, and if we do not fight to protect and build it, no one else will.

It is precisely because Singapore is not perfect that my generation must remain here, working to further improve it.

While patriotism in and of itself may seem a lofty idea, this love for, as well as faith in, Singapore is what has propelled us from Third World to First World status.

We are all still learning, so have a little faith in our country.

As Mr Lee Kuan Yew said in 1967:
“There is tranquillity, poise and confidence in Singapore. And it is a confidence born out of the knowledge that there are very few problems which we cannot overcome.”

Let us not be the generation that forgets that.

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  • I am proud of this Cheang guy! The minority that always criticise and run down Singapore really need to be slapped awake and wake up their ideas.
  • Hmm…. I beg to differ. In my school, every national day celebration, there’s always cries for ‘one more song’ and tonnes of cheering and clapping. While not many of them keep abreast of the political news, they still passionately love Singapore.


A warm reception for Mr Goh Chok Tong and Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

(MCI Photo by Terence Tan)


Father of Singapore , Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

I was quite afraid to share this at first because people might jump to conclusions thinking i am stating political comments or being one sided but i can’t hold back anymore and am stating comments from netural point of view.

We really odd to thank the Father of Singapore, for whatever success we have now. Yes i do agree that everyone played a part, but without the management of Singapore by Mr Lee , we wouldn’t have become so successful and safe as a nation.

Saddens me to see how much Mr Lee has aged.

Last but not least,everyone makes mistakes ,not one single person on earth is perfect and i am really thankful for Mr Lee’s contribution to our homeland,Singapore !


by Singapore Nation, 9 Aug 2013


前内阁资政李光耀向大家挥手! ~~ xinmsm


Comments :

  • A true leader Who leads his team building this nation. A great founder who will always be respected and to be admired. May you always be bless with good health. Thank you for being a great Father of Singapore.
  • 我爱前内阁资政李光耀与新加坡的生日是同一陣线,祝资政身体安康。 
  • Love him, hate him, your choice. But nothing you and I do would change an iota of the fact that he did what he did for the good of Singapore. By the very fact you have access to Internet, a handheld device or a computer reading this message, shown how much we had progressed as a Nation.
    I am grateful for Mr Lee Kuan Yew.
  • Some say he is a dictator , others claim he is an autocrat , the extremists declare him legally corrupt. Really ? Even if the claims are facts. Can there be a better man to lead Singapore? Remember we are a small nation in an unfriendly neighbourhood, just look around you. 

    We cannot deny the facts that this man lead Singapore to what we are today . He has dedicated his entire adult life to this cause, determined to make a small nation survive, making sure Singapore progress and we progress we did. 

    Many of us have dreams, have passions but many do not have that drive to see it blossom and succeed. At least , this man has that drive , that determination , that courage and hunger to live out his passion and dream. The passion for politics , the dream of charting Singapore’s course from 3rd world to 1st.


  •  he was the champion to make the singapore as a world market place and develop the singapore in all aspects whether it is socio ecconomics or any other. Wishing to all singaporean for their development and happy birthday singapore.
  • I am just a guest in your country but I feel deep respect for this extraordinary man. Happy birthday Singapore and best wishes to all my Singaporean friends.
  • I’m so happy whenever I see Grandpapa Lee attending the nation’s birthday party!
  • Without him, there is no peace
    Without him, there is no harmony
    Without him, there is no stability
    Without him, there is no security
    Without him, there is no prosperity
    Without him, there is no jobs
    Without him, there is no CPF
    Without him, there is no HDB
    Without him, there is no EC
    Without him, there is no MRT
    Without him, there is no future
    Without him, there is no home
    Without him, we wouldn’t be
    celebrating our national day today !

    So for those who are reaping the seeds that he sowed, yet still complaining about him, shame on you….

    Even if he is a billionaire, I think he well deserved it !


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