Much ado about a “blank cheque”


So many people have been talking about this whole blank cheque issue… and how Singaporeans should deny the PAP a blank cheque. 

I would like to offer an alternative view. 

There’s no problem with giving or having a blank cheque if the person wielding the blank cheque can be trusted

Now, we’ve all heard the saying, “With great power comes great responsibility. And i do believe that the PAP has shown itself to be a responsible ruling party. 

Here’s why:

1.There is no policy on Earth that can please everyone 

The sooner we accept this, the happier our lives will be. PAP policies are focused on benefitting the majority of citizens, with as minimal repercussions as possible. In chinese, we have a saying, “以大局为重”, which loosely translates to, “prioritising the interests of the majority”. And I think the PAP has done just that. 

Look around, do some research. I can guarantee you that there aren’t many countries in the world where the rate of home ownership is as high as that in Singapore. 

The PAP is known for being practical and pragmatic and that is not a bad thing. They have focused their energies on important bread and butter issues that impact all of us directly. 

Oftentimes, the disgruntled and unhappy are a very vocal minority. They are skilled at making it seem that things are more terrible than they seem, instilling fear in the rest. 

The majority however, is actually happy and we get on with our lives without much kerfuffle. 

2. The PAP is transparent about what is achievable

Their manifesto will not sound as good or fancy as the opposition parties’ because they don’t promise things that they know can’t be achieved. 

They choose to be honest and talk about topics nobody likes, like how GST has to be increased to fund rising expenses. 

The opposition promises you the sky and ocean… but money does not fall from the sky. The truth is, they have not done their work on how these policies can be sustainably funded. They take potshots at PAP and bring up topics like high ministerial pay, claiming that cutting ministers’ pay will be able to fund all these schemes. 

Let’s do a quick math and estimate, 2 million per minister per year. Rounding up to 30 ministers, even if they take $0 pay. That’s 60 million….what’s 60 million in that grand scheme of things? The schemes and payout that they are proposing cost billions! And the math simply doesn’t add up. 

The truth is that their schemes and proposals can’t be funded without dipping into and draining our reserves. 

And the opposition will not be telling you this of course, because it would make you not want to vote for them. 

PAP is boring but they tell you exactly what you need to know and they tell you the truth, even when it’s not popular. 


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