MRT Breakdown 2015 – What Calmed This Raging Commuter Down


MRT Breakdown 2015 – I was raging mad, cursing SMRT non stop and sweating profusely after waiting 2 hours for cabs that refused to wait at taxi stands just so they can get the additional booking fee…until I opened Facebook and saw Mr Tong Yee reaching out to help anyone stranded in the area.

Like the fairy godmother to Cinderella he actually appeared at Toa payoh offering to drive me and a few other desperate strangers at the taxi stand ALL THE WAY to woodlands

It is really such a blessing to humanity that people like Mr Tong exist. People whose first reflex in times of crises isn’t to complain, but to reach out to help others in whatever way they can.

So what was initially a transportation nightmare turned out to be a valuable lesson in life – when you’re unhappy about a situation, find ways to change it for the better because grumbling gets you nowhere. If unhappy situations don’t affect you, reach out to others and make their day •ᴗ•

Thank you so much Tong Yee!! I am so incredibly touched by your kindness and will pass it on •ᴗ•

This is Mr Tong Yee

This is what Tong Yee posted during MRT breakdown 2015




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