MRT Breakdown 2015 – Singaporeans Ask, Who Benefits If MRT Is Fine Heftily


MRT Breakdown 2015 – Straits Times published a post with the title “SMRT could face $50m fine for Tuesday’s massive rail breakdown, says Maybank Kim Eng” on its Facebook page. In about an hour, it attracted 300 comments.

Here is what Singaporeans say on MRT breakdown 2015:

Left pocket out… right pocket in. 297 Likes·

fine for wad. not as if the fine money goes into citizens who are affected de pocket. fine alrd our train fare goes up. end up who suffer? we all.194 Likes·

why fine? cut the top management bonus when they cannot resolve the breakdown issues. 105 Likes

Later after the fine, tell you SMRT not making money, then what? Need to increase fare again. So fine SMRT or fine us? 105 Likes

1) SMRT Breakdown & Commuters affected (commuters punished)
 2) LTA fine SMRT
 3) SMRT applies for fare hike

 4) LTA approves fare hike
 5) Commuters pays higher fare (commuters punished again)
 6) SMRT CEO enjoys pay rise

 It seems like commuters are punished for every mistake smrt made and as if LTA and SMRT are in cah**ts,  like that how to improve service to commuters, becos smrt seems like they get rewarded each time for  screwing commuters up lol.  

And commuters will have to pay for it eventually when fares are hiked again to cover for this and other fines. Talk about being punished twice. 34 Likes

Fine will be fine, and no breakdowns, or even more breakdowns? Jialat! If SMRT kenna fine, we will also kenna fine by increasing fares, then SMRT will be fine, and has a finer day. Huhuhu … then we will have no fine day, but fine day. Errr … I think they r warning us, if we dun complain, and happily accept breakdowns, then SMRT will not be fined, and everyone will be fine. Lol. 25 Likes




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