MRT Breakdown 2015 – Fearless Netizen Steps Out in Defence of Tuck Yew


Philip Wu

What’s Tuck Yew’s feelings on MRT breakdown?

Had a fluke chance to listen to Min Lui Tuck Yew share his thoughts about MRT breakdown up close and personal. His demeanor was humble and sincere. Here’s the low down:

1) Last year, everyone felt that air travel was very risky (Planes disappeared, got shot down etc). But statistically, it was the safest year for air travel for a long time.

2) The big breakdown this week gave everyone the sense that MRT is unreliable. But the team had done a lot to make a real difference since 2011. Just that it’s quiet hard work behind the scene.

– In 2011, MRT breakdown was 1 per 700 trips.

– After 3 years of diligent engineering effort by team, now its 1 per 2000 trips.

– Today, trains have 1 breakdown after 6 years running. (Me: I was surprised cos my car breaks down more often than that!!)

(In other words, events this week is an anomaly not norm. Things have really improved.)

3) It takes 4 years for a train to be purchased and deployed. Decisions Min Lui took in 2012 will only see full results in 2016/7.

4) He was at the MRT station in the morning and was carefully monitoring the testing late at night. Basically, we have a minister doing work without making a big deal about it.

I hope I got the facts right but I think it was heartening to see his sincerity and genuineness. There was no press and he wasn’t trying to play to the gallery. I wish more people can see this human side of these people.


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