MRT Breakdown 2015 – Daughter Of SMRT Staff Spoke Out

MRT Breakdown 2015 –  We were having family dinner when my dad received notification that he is activated. Without further ado, he put down his dinner and report within 30 minutes to the assigned station. He did not grumble about how he had to work again. The previous time when he was activated, he came back to us and shared with us how he could understand the feelings of the passengers who were shouting and pushing him and his coworkers. He stood and said sorry at least 100 times to everyone who was trapped. He is just a maintenance guy in SMRT.

But, there was no negativity in him despite being shouted at, at the efficiency of the company, at the long standing hours or at anything. He came back to announce that he was glad that it’s settled.

So, before we throw our frustrations and ill mannerism to any of the ground staff, please remember that they are just doing their best to get lives moving. They apologized on behalf of SMRT, not themselves. And most importantly, they have families waiting for them back home, or the unfinished dinner to eat too. A little empathy goes a long way to consider the various stakeholders invoked in this whole process. And I am sure we can do this!

And for now, my family and I are waiting for my dad to come home safely.

 Iris Lee, daughter of SMRT staff spoke out

Iris Lee, daughter of SMRT staff spoke out

What Singaporean says:

-Kudos to the unsung heroes like your dad who keep our trains running. Well done!

-Agree wholeheartedly. To us, it’s just going home and going to work. To the people working round the clock, it’s a nightmare to race through time to fault-trace and fix, sweating and toiling in dark enclosed places, while commuter-facing staff have to manage the chaos and bear the brunt of anger and frustrations. It’s their livelihood, their job, and probably their passion all getting a direct hit..

-Indeed! May the Lord bless them with wisdom to tackle the issue fast.

-Everyone wants the train service to run efficiently but like living things, life is so full of uncertainty. Even the most healthy person can fall ill suddenly and he has to be attended to. The trains are like us. They can fail suddenly. And there will be problems. Just like we sympathize with a sick person, we have to tolerate the breakdown of the train service unexpectedly. Let us be gracious.

I was there last nite, seen the staff do their best.
Hope each of us understand the MRT staff, they too dont like to see such things happened.
Just imagine, if all MRT resigned to avoid any future breakdown, who will replace….you know not easy to get
emloyee …in Spore.
Human will fall sick suddenly , how all machine run almost 12hours daily.
I met a lady at 9.30pm after train resumed, she went shopping instead…no frustration….
Let work together with understanding and….care for one another….though it not easy.
This how Singaoorean are tested to stay together on each challegne situation we faced…
加油Singapore…Majulah Singapura..l

SG transport is one of the best in the world pls stop complaint. Is hard for me to explain to some ppl when they nv had the chance to live in other part of the world. Clean bus / train , within 10mins waiting time what else S’porean want?? I don’t get it ….. Do u

-Ground staff are doing their best to ease the situation. Gotta appreciate them! Thank you!

-Your dad is awesome!

-Its a tough and onerous job. Maintenance and testing of the whole system in most cases can only be done during silent hours. Sincerely appreciate their effort.







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